Why emotions?

author: admin     date: 03 . 11 . 2012     discuss: 0 Comments

Emotions are the starting point in our search for who we really are. Developing awareness of emotions means to withdraw attention from the polarized and compulsive mind and bring it back to the heart, where unity consciousness resides. We are not victims of our thoughts, emotions, life situation or past. We are not our body or personality either.

Our true essence or soul, remain hidden behind our “self-created identity” and nowadays due to the current economic, social and politic climate, it has become more evident the importance of realizing our true nature in order to break free of all limitation and conditioning that society has imposed on us . We are infinite consciousness, (also known as awareness, vibration, and love). We are the experiencer of the physical world not the victims we got used to be. To put it more accurately, we are:

-Infinite consciousness beyond life and death. When we leave this world, our soul keeps alive in another reality or plane. This has been accepted in many religions.

-Our true essence can never be destroyed. We are eternal; the physical body and world are not.

-Our purpose is to learn, create and experience this world in the best possible way. The aim of life is to realize our true nature beyond the body, so we get free from all types of suffering and limitations.

-Creativity, abundance, love and prosperity are always available to us, because life has all these qualities and much more! We just have to remove the negative thinking that is blocking them.