What are Emotions

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Different emotionsEmotions are basically our guidance system. They are the reaction of thoughts in our body. We can know when our thoughts are lying to us because of the way our body feels. For example, you might think you have forgiven somebody for what he said about you, but if you still feel uncomfortable when that person is around, then you should keep working on it. This is the role of emotions, to tell us what is happening within us.

If what we feel at any given moment is good it means we are in the right direction, our attitude and thoughts are positive. On the contrary, if we feel bad, any type of stress, anxiety, anger, etc. It means we are doing something wrong and that negative emotion is simply acting as an alert system. It is up to us to change negative thoughts that are causing unwanted emotions, or to keep ignoring how we feel and by doing so things will just get worst. The bad news is that most people don’t want to face emotions, basically because nobody wants to feel bad, so we are taught to ignore them and move on.

A good example of this is money. How do you feel when you have to pay the rent or bills? If you feel negative, you might have thoughts like “the companies are getting rich off of me” or “money is hard to make,” etc. If this is the case your guidance system is just letting you know that something is wrong; is telling you that you can do better, therefore, you have to change your thoughts. Emotions in this case are only a reminder that it is possible for you to make all the money you want with the right attitude and willingness. This might be difficult to believe if this is the first time that you are reading about this topic. And yes we can ignore our emotions any time we want, but we will have to live the rest of our life feeling uncomfortable every time we think about money, bills, finances, etc., And this is just a small example, as emotions work in each facet of our life.

In the next post, I am going to discuss how to start cleansing negative thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious mind and using the emotions to monitor the changes.

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