What is meditation

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What is meditationMeditation is the means through which we return to our natural state.  Meditation is the practice that allows us to reconnect with whom we really are. At this moment, vast majorities of people are lost in their minds, in their ego, wanting and desiring. Most of us believe we are the physical body; therefore, we are fully identified with the characteristics of it: “I am tall,” “I am white,” “I don’t want to look like this” and so on.

We also believe we are our thoughts: “I love eating,” “I love shopping,” “I love music,”I cannot stop smoking.” We got lost because we have developed an addiction to thinking. Our thoughts have become compulsive. We cannot control them anymore. We cannot stop thinking; we cannot stop behaving in the way we don’t want; we cannot be in silence anymore.

What is our natural state then? Can we really stop thinking? Can we break all our bad habits? Meditation is nothing spiritual, complicated or outside of this world. Meditation is so easy that people have misunderstood it completely. There are not requirements to meditate and there isn’t religious knowledge involved in this practice either.

Meditation is just self-observation. What are we observing? At first, it is only self-observation of the mind. You will observe your own mind, your own pattern of thoughts. With time and enough practice, you will learn two things: the strategies that your own mind uses to disconnect you from your inner being and get you distracted in the compulsive thinking, secondly you will realize the more you meditate or observe your mind, the calmer, peaceful, creative and intelligent you will become.

I am not saying that the mind is our enemy, the mind is a powerful tool, but we have become obsessed with it. Our awareness is completely lost in thoughts. By practicing meditation, all we are doing is observing the mind instead of identifying with it. We are taking our awareness out of the compulsive thinking and putting it in our senses, especially the kinesthetic sense. We start to give undivided attention to what we are listening, seeing and more important we give attention to our body, the way it feels, the field of energy within us, etc.

Through meditation, we re-establish contact with our inner self and all the benefits this brings us. Peace, well being, happiness, creativity, prosperity, love, intuition, are just few of the benefits we get by practicing meditation.

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