Using time wisely

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Each second of life is extremely important. As I mentioned in the previous post, life is renewing all the time for you, enabling you to become the creator of your own experience. The beauty of this is that from the moment you decided to make a change until you have finally manifested, each second played an important role.

There are going to be difficulties along the way, because life is not designed to please you and give you everything you want. Life is about how you react to the circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. So if you want something new in your experience, certainly you will have some difficulties; but each single second will give you the choice to act upon it or to give up.

People like to consider themselves victims of their circumstances. The worse our personal “drama or situation” is, the more our friends will identify with us.

If we think of life not as something unfair but as a game where you are the creator of your personal experience, then you will start appreciating it more. Specifically, what we need to change is our perception of time. For example, a single hour should not be boring. An hour gives you 3600 seconds to let you decide or create what you want in your experience.

The problem is that most people are unaware of this; then they spend their precious time “complaining about their situation” instead of “creating their future.” Everyone is responsible of they own experience. Life teaches us through circumstances. For example, somebody was born today but some other person is going to pass away tomorrow.

Life is a personal experience. You were born alone, and you will leave this world in the same way. So don’t let others decide for you. You can always change your present condition because you are the only one in charge, and a good way to start it is by changing the way you perceive and use your time.

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