The how of happiness

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The how of happiness In order to be happy we have to feel happy. Is this something that I can only attain in the future? No. We only have one opportunity to be happy and that opportunity is now. Feeling good is the best indicator of what is happening within us. However, bad emotions are not the enemy of happiness. On the contrary, they are just pointing out what is going wrong. Therefore, if we take the opportunity to do the cleansing, we will be back in an improved emotional state, having freed ourselves from that negative feeling.

Being happy means to be in a positive state of allowing unlimited creativity to flow to you, so you can take part in any activity and get the most of it, as you are allowing intuition and inspiration to guide you. Happiness is to keep positive emotions over any other situation or circumstance you might encounter in life.

When you engage in negative conversations, you are opening the door to more limitations and fears to get into your subconscious mind. The best option in this case is to look always on the bright side of things. For example, if the economic situation is not favorable at the moment, instead of blaming the government, you could take this as an opportunity to expand your vision or talents to make more money. What is the negative belief I need to cleanse to improve my current situation? Problems are always opportunities to open new doors and explore them.

We have to choose to be happy right now, no matter what we think our problems are. Eckhart Tolle says “whatever you accept you go beyond; if you fight it, you are stuck with it.” When we cleanse our negative thoughts and emotions, we are basically accepting they are there, that’s why after a few minutes they dissolve! Sometimes people spend hours stuck in a negative thought because they are trying to avoid it, then the thought follows them as their shadow.

The most important part of this process is to understand that we are not going to achieve happiness when we finally attained our goal. We have to be happy during the process of achieving the goal! Is the only existing way of allowing inspiration to lead us. Otherwise the negative programming in the subconscious mind won’t let you go any further.

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