The creative process

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Creative linesDeveloping further the idea of emotions being our guidance system, it is important to keep cultivating self-awareness of the body and trust in what it is communicating to us. We have been always using the mind in every activity we take part in, for every desire, goal. However, the mind is limited, as I explained before the subconscious holds all the beliefs (positive and negative) that we have, so even having the best intention in any task, fears, doubts, limitations are going to be interfering as well, because we let them get into our mind.

Unlimited creativity is always flowing, but we constantly interfere with our mind, blocking most of the times with our insecurities the creative intention that would guide us to take positive action to achieve what we are intending to. So unlimited creativity is the process of letting our guidance system lead us instead of the mind. Learning how to get things done without thinking but feeling is another way to look at it. Intuition will always be there. If we let inspiration flow, at the moment any unwanted emotion arises, we will immediately be alerted. So we can take our attention back to the positive emotion that we had while we were creating, or if the feeling is too intense, we can stop for a few minutes to apply The Cleansing Process to the negative thought that causes the emotion, then after it lessens or dissolves we can go back to our unlimited creative process.

It is important to understand that we cannot pretend to get rid of all negative emotions because we have done the The Cleansing Process a few times. That is impossible! We have to cleanse emotion by emotion, as many times as it is necessary. This isn’t about how many times you have to do it, but doing it every time is needed in order not to let negative thoughts arise.

That’s why you need to have unconditional trust in your guidance system, because the mind has no way of knowing whether you are succeeding or not, then the negative programming will start bringing to your attention thoughts like “you are just wasting your time with these techniques” or some others like that. The only way of knowing if you are succeeding is because of your improved emotional state!

Remember, every time unwanted feelings appear, is just another opportunity that life in giving you to let go of them and improve your life. By any chance is a negative thing to feel that way, that is a mind perception only. The more you cleanse the better you feel!

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