The cleansing process

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Cleansing emotionsOur mind is reprogrammable! All self-development and education industry are based on this principle. We interpret reality with our senses and based on the information we are receiving from them is how we learn about the environment. For example, we can tell that the stove is hot, music is very loud or simply is day or night by using our senses. That’s how our education started since we were children, learning by experiencing the reality. However, at some stage we also started incorporating other’s people information or beliefs in our subconscious that somehow distorted our own perception, whether that information was true or not. Most beliefs, including money and our conception of life are inherited from our family. Beliefs like “man doesn’t cry” or “money is evil,” are a good example of them.

So the good news is that you can change our thoughts and reprogram our mind! Cleansing bad thoughts while developing more awareness of your emotions is a helpful first step. This is a standard but powerful exercise that will really help you to understand what is going on within you. I called it The Cleansing Process. If you haven’t tried this type of exercises before, follow the next steps:

-Emotions are the indicator that we are having bad attitudes and thoughts about things. So the best way to start this work is by becoming aware every time you can about your emotions.

-If it feels negative, then catch the thought that is causing that bad reaction.

-As you catch the thought, it is very important to accept the fact that you are not a bad person, or you don’t deserve anything better because you are having that type of thoughts. It may surprise you the kind of thoughts that we have about life and people in general.

-The most important step is to acknowledge you are feeling in that way (note that this is the opposite of what we normally do, which is block or ignore the emotion). Accept the thought and emotion and bring it to your awareness.

-As you have welcomed and kept them in your consciousness, after few minutes, they will lessen or dissolve. Then you can acknowledge and be grateful for the experience and start reintroducing the positive thought and emotion that you really want.

Note that once we have started this process, there are going to be more and more emotions we will want to cleanse, and as we do so, some of the emotions we have already cleansed before might appear again in a deeper way. It happens because there are different levels or layers of the identical emotion that we have been suppressing for years, but as you keep cleansing these feelings, they will become lighter until they are gone. It is also important to point out that the more you do it, the better you feel!


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