The impermanence of emotions

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Emotions cannot be denied, they are real. However, the mistake is our identification with them. Emotions are one of the most impermanent things on earth. In fact, each thought you have in your mind is going to bring you a different emotion.

Have you ever been aware of how many emotions and thoughts come to your attention during one or five minutes? This is exactly what we do in meditation. Meditation is not about trying to avoid thoughts and emotions so you can be in peace and relaxed. You cannot reject anything that comes to your attention, otherwise you will be stuck with that and it will be transformed in resistance.

All that is required is to be aware of the emotions that different thoughts are causing within you. However, the main difficulty of this practice is that unconsciously most people don’t want to face their problems or fears. On the contrary, we have been taught to put them aside and keep moving with our lives.

The lesson to be learned here is that when you direct your attention inwards, you will definitely find all sort of thoughts that are causing a variety of emotions, some of them might be positive and some other negative. That itself is not a problem. That is actually the solution: the realization that thoughts are always changing, coming and going. They don’t last more than a few seconds unless you believe them as true. Then they start taking all your attention up to the point when you become obsessed and stuck with them.

Let’s take the following thought “I don’t deserve to be loved” as an example. The first time you were aware of it, it was only a small and weak thought. However, if you assumed that this thought was true, then it will grow into your attention, up to the point where it will make you feel all sort of negative emotions and eventually it will affect your behavior and you will start experiencing circumstances related to that thought.

There is another famous example that may help you to visualize better the whole process. Imagine you are the sky and thoughts and emotions are the clouds. The sky will always be there as the background, the silent observer. In the other hand the clouds are always changing, in color and shape. It is totally impossible for a cloud to become static; it cannot remain in the same form and location for even one minute!

If you (the sky) by mistake fall in love with a cloud, how long will this love last?. It is the same with the thoughts and emotions you experience.  Accept that they are impermanent, they come and go like clouds. Don’t reject or suppress anything; on the contrary, accept it and let it be. It may be painful at the beginning but remember that by it’s own nature it will fade away if you don’t identify with it anymore.


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