What is Future

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What is the futureThe ego will always give you an excuse to get worried, to be unhappy. The conscious mind will make you believe that by engaging in any activity or destructive thought like how can I be happy if I haven’t attained “x” yet? You will find only in the future (and not now) what you are looking for.

For example, in my own experience as a jazz musician, I could never be satisfied with the music I was playing, even if  people really enjoyed my performance, my ego made me believe that I still was not good enough. I was totally convinced that I had to learn much more before I acknowledged myself as a professional musician. The mind always gave me an excuse to be unhappy about this moment, with the false promise that just in the future I would be completely satisfied.

Most people live life in this way, not being able to enjoy what they do. At this moment, you may believe that all that you desire is only achievable in the future. If you think that success, happiness, a relationship, financial stability is impossible to achieve now, but in the future, it could be possible that after you wasted half of your life, then you realize the future you wanted has not arrived yet. It is because all that exist is the now or the present moment. If want to get results in the future, you have to act now.

In order to learn how to take action, you have to accept yourself as you are right now, you have to acknowledge your weaknesses in order to work on them and become stronger. You have to understand your fears, and you have to face them (please refer to the cleanse process). Otherwise, what you really want to manifest in your life could never arrive.

Most of your thoughts are trying to take you out of the present moment, and this is really the trap because it is only now when you can change, make decisions and forgive yourself.

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