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AllowingWe have gotten so used to think about everything, that anything that is outside of the logic of what the ego can see, is not likely to happen or achieve for us. We have completely forgotten about feelings. We also forgot how to escape from the mind for a while and how to change negative thoughts for positive ones. Questions such as how we are feeling today or what can I do to be happier are no longer in our mind. Instead, we let the circumstances of the moment to decide for us how we should feel. A good example of this is how fast we get annoyed when we get stuck in the traffic.

The problem is that we forgot how to feel good without any particular reason. We have to decide to be happy no matter what the circumstances are. We have to be able to get out of the mind even for a while. We need to rest from the compulsive thinking, and if it’s possible to shift our thoughts from negative to positive. Part of the problem is the media. The media industry is based in mind programming, manipulation. They are constantly programming our brain, telling us what is “cool,” what to buy, where to buy, what to wear, where to live, etc. That is what happens when you watch the TV ads.

The newspapers are mainly focused in the bad news, yes the ones that everybody likes to read about. So we end up focusing in the same bad news, expecting somebody else to solve the problems or at least to tell us what to do. From the goal-setting point of view, we cannot even focus in the first product that we would like to buy, for example a car, when ten other products are being advertised immediately after the car that we want. So we end up focusing in the lack of these products or in the lack of money to buy them, and this is how we think we are “victims” of the system.

The first step is to take complete responsibility for our actions, thoughts and emotions, because nobody else has the power to make us happy and prosperous. We need to be willing to change, to fail, then to win, to learn from our mistakes. The second step is to use the Cleansing Process, to address negative thoughts and feelings. Developing and directing our awareness out of our mind to our body, to the emotional system, is the purpose of this blog. As a result, we start experiencing happiness no matter what the situation is.

The art of allowing is the art of practicing to be happy without any particular reason. It is to allow happiness to be our main focus of attention, then all the creativity, ideas, positive feelings, prosperity is going to come to us from this emotional state.

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