The present moment

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Present momentAs I have mentioned before, we can only live in the present moment. There is nothing else. The mind is always thinking in the past and the future as a way to deny or avoid staying in the present moment. When I buy my home then I’ll be happy or I cannot be happy until I pay off the mortgage, etc. The past is also a mental abstraction. Some people live there trying to change what they did wrong.

We cannot know what is going to happen in the future, we cannot go to the past either. Then all we have is the present moment. Why the mind is always trying to take us out of this moment? Because we don’t need the compulsive thinking to be aware of this moment. We don’t need the mind to reach our inner self. We don’t need it to find a creative solution to any problem we may have either.

It doesn’t matter what is it that you truly want, from getting a million-dollar idea to reaching enlightenment. The mind can do nothing for you. You need inspiration, intuition, inner peace or connection to the source (call it god, the universe, or whatever suits you). From this place, you will have access to the infinite intelligence that will provide you with all you need and desire.

However, this is a problem for the mind, because it likes to have control about when we achieve what we want. When we accept the present moment as it is (including our present reality of not having achieved yet what we want) eventually we don’t need to worry whether we will have it in the future or not, or if other people think we failed. In other words, when we fully accept this moment then the mind is unnecessary. You will realize that your mind has been worrying you whether you are attaining your goals or not. It never came up with interesting solutions. All the mind proposed were fear-based solutions.

Mind-created solutions are fear-based, while solutions coming from intuition or inspirations are divine-based solutions. The mind and the compulsive thinking are a trap, and meditation is what we need to practice in order to be able to realize it. Being aware of emotions is a small form of meditation, because we are training ourselves to develop awareness of our body, so we can consciously change our thoughts when they are causing negative reactions in our body. Meditation is a step further, because by investing fifteen minutes per day we are accelerating this process, therefore, we are not only able to see the results in our physical well-being but in our goals and the rest of the facets in our life.

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