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Working with emotions is the easiest way to start the journey of realizing who you really are and also to break free of limitation, negative thinking and suffering. Most people believe they are that inner voice or thoughts they always have in their heads. However, the mind is just an instrument, but we have mistakenly identified with it, up to the point that you cannot stop thinking anymore.

We have created a false identity that we call personality and that is the one that is ruling your life. As you will discover shortly as you read more articles in this site, our true essence is not our thoughts and body. Our real self is our soul (also known as consciousness, awareness or vibration). The soul or energy field cannot be seen; that’s why people became identified with their thoughts, but it can be felt within the body.

The soul is beyond the body and mind. We can trust that energy in motion, because it is what can always be felt in the body. When you have negative thoughts, you can feel your energy stuck within your body causing negative emotions. It originates different symptoms such as shallow breathing, tension in the body among many others. When you are happy, you can also feel your inner energy field, which is basically vibrating in a higher frequency.

Working with emotions consist in taking our attention out of the compulsive thinking of the mind and put it back in our body, where your true essence can be felt. Emotions are the best guidance system, as they work not only as the indicator of what is going on in your mind but as the remedy to bring you peace and order too.

The articles posted in this section are the core of this site, so I suggest to read them in the order they are presented to get a good introduction about emotions and how to work with them. After you have read them, please feel free to continue with any other post that you find in the homepage.

I really hope you enjoy reading this, and you get inspired to make some changes in your life. As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

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