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Leopoldo Osio

I am a Jazz Musician with a BA in Jazz Performance, music teacher and an enthusiast photographer living in Dublin-Ireland. As a musician working with creativity and improvisation since the last ten years, I have always been interested in any type of personal development books, meditation techniques and universal laws because I knew that creativity is infinite and is all around the Universe, then all I had to do is to learn how to become a channel of that creativity, not only in my music but in my life. Now, I have decided to consciously explore this path, and this blog represents my way of sharing what I have learned during my journey.

I am writing this posts as a way to awaken myself. I realized every time I write about anything I end up incorporating it in my life. My mission is to share my thoughts and experiences, so I can also inspire you to take any type of action or change in your life as I already started one year ago.

If you would like to know more about my career as a musician, please visit www.leopoldoosio.com