Realizing our true nature

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You are not your personal story, circumstances, past or personality. Whatever you think you are or have become, is just a false identification with your mind and external circumstances. For example, you are not a doctor or engineer, as you weren’t born being that. It is only your profession or what you have chosen to do.

In the same way, you are not a victim of  life, with lots of problems that cannot be solved. Depending on what you have been taught since your childhood, you may believe you have a specific personality that defines you and cannot be changed. Therefore, you accept your good values and blame yourself for the bad ones, but at the same time you don’t try to change because “that’s the way you are.”

Well, all that is an illusion. Your true essence cannot be seen; that’s why you have identified yourself as the mind. The compulsive thoughts have taken control of your life. This is also due to the set of rules that society has been imposing to everyone since we were children; so in the end it isn’t our fault because almost everybody has had the same problem.

Our true self is consciousness. People also called soul, awareness, vibration or love. The best way to illustrate this is just as I mentioned in the previous post. When we pass away, our body certainly dies, but our soul never ceases to exist. It just goes to another plane of existence. Most religions acknowledge this fact.

Consciousness is what we are really made of. Behind our personality and life situation, our consciousness remains hidden, completely forgotten. Most people are searching for the truth everywhere else, without realizing they are the truth themselves! You cannot think about it because you are already it! The truth is that you are the consciousness that is aware of your own thoughts not the thought itself.

I will try to explain this with the following example. Think about a book and the information it contains. When you read a book you don’t read it with your thoughts; you are the consciousness that is interpreting or in this case watching the characters in the book, then the thought appears and it might agree or not with what is being read; but your true nature is the consciousness beyond the thought that is interpreting the information from the book.

In other words, without consciousness, you couldn’t exist. Even though when your body dies, your soul keeps alive in another plane. You never cease to exist. It doesn’t matter if it is on earth, heaven, purgatory or whatever you believe; your true essence is always alive. You have to recognize yourself as pure consciousness that can never be destroyed, so it will liberate you from identification of the mind and will get you deeper in recognizing and exploring yourself as the inner energy field within your body.

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