How to set goals

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Setting goalsResults in life are self-generated. As I discussed in the post Judging the goals set by our mind, our brain has gotten used to note things that confirm our current expectations. Whether we think we are going to succeed or not, our mind will find the evidence to prove it. In other words, if you think you can, then you are right, if you think you can’t, then you are also right.

However, immediately after we started working towards any goal, especially long-term goals, the mind also starts looking for evidence to prove whether we are succeeding or not. The problem is that the subconscious is programmed to be negative, and most of the times it will tell you: I knew it! You are wasting your time; you will never attain “that.”

That is part of being human and having a mind. We probably cannot change that mind habit, but what we can do is to be aware of it. Emotions are the indicator. If thinking in our goal doesn’t feel good, we have to take a look at what is happening in our mind. Then we will probably find thoughts about how difficult is to achieve that thing; we will be better of giving up the goal, etc.

Using The Cleansing Process is always useful. As our subconscious is 100% reprogrammable, introducing positive thoughts and emotions related to the goal we want to achieve is necessary. Another important technique is to have realistic goals, so we can subdivide the task into small bits, then we can really measure our progress towards success.

Having a clearly defined outcome also allows us to define specific criteria to measure your progress. The best example I can find to explain how it works is money. Most people want to be a millionaire. But, what does it mean to be a millionaire to you? To have one million euro in your bank account, ten or one hundred millions?

Focusing in getting millions all at once isn’t realistic. What we can do is to break the task into small bits. What about focusing in your bank account exceeding one thousand euro at any time, once I have achieved this, then I can focus in always exceeding two thousand euro and so on. It is more realistic and it is easy to focus in having two thousand euro than two millions! Then if we keep measuring our progress, at some stage we will reach one million in our account!

That was just an example to illustrate how we can set goals than aren’t unrealistic. Understanding that the subconscious is always looking for evidence to prove if we are succeeding or not, and understanding the importance of setting realistic goals and breaking them into small tasks will definitely make the difference in our capacity to achieve what we are looking for.


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Love in natureIn the universe, everything is based on love. I am not talking about the kind of love that we see in the movies or the kind of love we have for our family either. Love is respecting the differences of the story that is generated as the result of interacting with people and the environment.


Love has always been about others. It is about understanding that all living beings need to cooperate between each other to facilitate our life and evolution. In nature, all species collaborate with each other to maintain the perfect balance. The trees are providing us with shade and oxygen; cows give us milk and meat; rivers provide us with water and fish, etc.

As a result of being alive, we are always in constant communication, interacting with other human beings. They may be our family, friends, colleagues or people we don’t know. They may be white, black, asiatic, etc. If we understand everybody is different, therefore, everybody thinks different; we will also understand that there is no need to criticize the one that thinks distinct than us. The universe has created diversity and contrast to help us learn how to cooperate with others, despite our opinions and interests.

What I am saying is by nature we have distinct religions, ethnicity, shapes, ideas etc. On the other hand, we all need this contrast. In the universe, all the planets are different, in nature all animals and plants are different, why humans should be the same color, speak only one language and have only one religion? Love is respecting all these differences, facilitating and supporting everyone else’s evolution and well being.

Another way to look at it is thinking in the big picture We are all distinct because all of us have different things to learn. All of us have difficulties no matter what our nationality or profession is. So if we are willing to help and serve others, they will also do it with us. No matter how you look at it, the conclusion is that we all need the cooperation of others to achieve our goals.

Universe and life

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Universe Each species on this planet is unique. Therefore, any form of life that could probably exist just exists! This is the law. That is why we are alive. We are only another possible form of life. We are not either better or worse than any other form of life. All of us are special with a specific purpose!


Let me explain what I mean with “we are just another possible form of life.” Let’s start with the Universe and some calculations. In average one galaxy contains 100 billion or 1 trillion numbers of stars or suns. Astronomers also estimate that there are approximately 100 billion to 1 trillion galaxies in the Universe. ( All this incredible amount of galaxies would not be there if life did not exist. That is diversity! The earth is just a planet orbiting around one of the 100 billion of stars (including suns) in the Milky Way Galaxy. Furthermore, there are approximately 100 billion galaxies. That’s big!

Now let me talk about diversity of life in our planet. Recent studies estimates that there are between 5 to 100 million species on this planet. (

It means 5 to 100 million different ways to interpret reality to be able to survive. From the fish that live in the water, ants living underground to birds flying in the air. All form of life that could possible develop and exist just exist! And it happens because of life!

This is a huge realization about who we are and why we are here. Now it takes me to the next point. In our case as human beings, as each one of us interpret reality in a different way, all that we could possibly dream about can exist! That is our role. Our dreams can be manifested in the same way life manifest all possible forms of life. However, we need to learn how to do it. One hundred years ago somebody thought we could fly. Now it is completely normal. It was a dream first, but that person had the courage to follow his dream against his fears and other people’s criticism.

Life is about possibilities (that’s why we are part of life). Everything is possible for life, which means we can choose what is possible to us. By default, we choose what is not possible. For example, is not possible to have enough money, to do what I want, to be happy. However, we have the power to make things happen. As I said before, that’s why we are alive, to allow life to manifest itself through us. In my case, I don’t like to think of myself as a creator, but as an allower. As a musician I don’t create music, I allow music to happen. This liberates me from my ego, fears and the need to prove myself better than my colleagues.

What is Future

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What is the futureThe ego will always give you an excuse to get worried, to be unhappy. The conscious mind will make you believe that by engaging in any activity or destructive thought like how can I be happy if I haven’t attained “x” yet? You will find only in the future (and not now) what you are looking for.

For example, in my own experience as a jazz musician, I could never be satisfied with the music I was playing, even if  people really enjoyed my performance, my ego made me believe that I still was not good enough. I was totally convinced that I had to learn much more before I acknowledged myself as a professional musician. The mind always gave me an excuse to be unhappy about this moment, with the false promise that just in the future I would be completely satisfied.

Most people live life in this way, not being able to enjoy what they do. At this moment, you may believe that all that you desire is only achievable in the future. If you think that success, happiness, a relationship, financial stability is impossible to achieve now, but in the future, it could be possible that after you wasted half of your life, then you realize the future you wanted has not arrived yet. It is because all that exist is the now or the present moment. If want to get results in the future, you have to act now.

In order to learn how to take action, you have to accept yourself as you are right now, you have to acknowledge your weaknesses in order to work on them and become stronger. You have to understand your fears, and you have to face them (please refer to the cleanse process). Otherwise, what you really want to manifest in your life could never arrive.

Most of your thoughts are trying to take you out of the present moment, and this is really the trap because it is only now when you can change, make decisions and forgive yourself.

Judging the goals set by our minds

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Judging the goals set by our mindWe have gotten used to judge all events against goals set by our minds. That’s one of the main reasons we are always getting negative feedback from our emotions. Everything that happens is judged by whether we have achieved what we are looking for or not. Then we think god must have forgotten me, life is so hard, or I will be better off giving up this goal.

How to escape the trap? Asking yourself what real problem you have at this exact moment. Your mind can give you a number of reasons to make you feel that you haven’t achieved anything yet, and that it is a good moment to start getting worried about it, but that is exactly what this is all about. By understanding that any reason your mind is giving you is a trap, then you always have the choice to don’t listen to it.

In the last post, I discussed the two only choices that we have in the present moment: to be happy or to suffer. Well, it is exactly the same here. Judging all the events that happen in our daily life to determine whether we are conquering our goals or not, is where the problem is. We know this is wrong because every time we  start worrying, we feel negative emotions. This is the guidance system alerting us to don’t take this path.

Life is not about getting stressed, suffering and getting worried in order to make things happen. Life is about enjoying the path of achieving the goals. That’s why we have emotions giving us constant feedback, to let us know whether we are in the right direction or not. Then we just have to create the habit of choosing the option that feels better to us, because conflict might always be there, trying to create confusion within us, but it is our decision  to stop listening to that negative voice.

Remember it is not about doing the impossible to achieve a goal; it is about feeling good and enjoying the path, no matter where you stand. As Van Wilder said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Life intelligence

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Universe and lifeMost of us don’t like to think about the Universe, how intelligent the creation is to orchestrate life as we know it, from the molecular level to the macro level as we see it in the space. Do you think we are living in planet earth only by coincidence? That we are the most intelligent people in the Universe?

Well, this is not a discussion about finding another form of life out there, but to realize that we aren’t here just by coincidence, we are in this place for a reason, with the specific purpose of learning, expand ourselves, to create our own experience. Well, you may be asking what is it that I have to learn, what is my purpose? Everybody has a different purpose. However, what matter to us is not what but why. Why are you struggling? Why are you unhappy? Why are you suffering? Why you think your life is difficult or unfair while other’s people life are so easy?

The most successful people are the ones that love what they do and do what they love. That’s what people that you really admire are doing! That’s the secret! Most of the times we would not even try because we are afraid of failure, criticism or you name it. Have you realized how you feel when you do the thing that you really love? Isn’t it like the whole universe has stopped for a moment while you are doing this?

Again, emotions are the guidance system here. We feel unhappy with ourselves and our situation because emotions are letting us know that there is something wrong. If we are afraid of doing what we are meant to do, then bad feelings are going to be there, letting us know that we are not focusing in the right place, we are going in the wrong direction.

Now the question is what can I do to solve this situation? Well again we have to work in our subconscious first. Remember that all our positive and negative beliefs are stored there. We need to use the cleansing process. However, there are some other thoughts that can also help us, and if we create the habit of thinking in this way then it will reprogram our brain to be able to see the truth in every situation.

At any moment in our life, we have only two choices: to be happy and to suffer. When you think something is difficult, or you won’t try it because you could fail, then you are suffering. The point is never let yourself suffer, because even if you try and fail, you are going to feel better than if you did not try.

We learn by failing. That’s the only way we can learn, by using our mistakes to determine if things were ok or not. We always have these two choices, and if we decide to be happy and work with our emotions, we will know at any time how we are doing because of the way we feel.

The universe is more intelligent than you! You don’t have to worry about failing because you have been given a guidance system, so your only job is to follow your dreams all the time and to get feedback from your guidance system.


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AwarenessBecause we have awareness, we are alive, or in other words, we are alive because we have awareness. Our senses are interpreting information all the time. All our activities as human beings are based in what information we are interpreting and how we do it. For example, if you are a visual person, you may prefer to work with photography, design or other related profession.

We are being exposed to an infinite amount of information all the time, but we cannot process all the information all at once. As the result of having a mind, we can analyze the data that we are receiving, categorize it and store it in our subconscious for future reference. However, during this process is when our lack of awareness (of the information that we are constantly receiving from our senses) disconnected us completely from the present moment, and we have assumed the false illusion that we are apart from the universe, creativity, prosperity, health, etc. So we started to fear, as we have identified with the mind or compulsive thinking, as we have lost our ability to stop thinking.

Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises are techniques that have been used since long time ago to help to quiet the mind and then recover more awareness. Emotions are our guiding system or GPS, they are always telling us which path we should take, but we won’t be able to get the messages, unless we learn how to still the mind.

An easy way to attain this is paying attention to our emotions, as they are the reflection of our thoughts in our body. By being aware of the bad feelings that we receive from our guidance system, we can check the thought that caused it, and we can cleanse (please refer to the cleansing process article) until we get completely free from it. So as we start to gain awareness of our feelings, we are also withdrawing attention from the compulsive thinking (the one who creates our fears, limitations, etc.), and we give this attention back to our inner self, allowing us to reconnect with our well being, intuition, happiness, prosperity, etc…

Emotional intelligence

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Emotional maturityWe have been talking about two different ways of being in this blog. Compulsive thinking is the one most people are familiar with. Basically, all that you need to do is to be unconscious about everything, thoughts, body signs, intuition, life. When we are in this state, we are not able to understand the infinite intelligence that supports life. If you take a look around, you will realize that there is a vast source of intelligence out there, someone or something responsible for the creation, diversity of life in this planet, the way all forms of life cooperate with each other to create this harmonious ecosystem in which all of us live.

When we become unable to connect with anything but the compulsive thought, we start to think of us as victims, incapable of controlling our destiny or to create the life that we want. We just accept whatever “life” brings us. We haven’t realized the importance of developing emotional intelligence because almost all of us suffer from the same problem. Even worst, most people wouldn’t agree to read a book with the word “emotion” in the title!

The second way is to be emotionally intelligent. What are emotions? The reaction of our thoughts in the body. If you have read some of the previous posts, you will realize that learning how to work with emotions is even easier than learning how to work with your mind and also have more advantages. While compulsive thinking is all about the mind and about what “we think” of the rest of the world, emotional intelligence activates another type of intelligence that we are not familiar with because we have never explored it.

Emotions don’t lie. You can tell what is happening in your head because of the way you feel. They are a guidance system. Developing emotional intelligence means to become aware of our body, sensations, feelings, and as a result we are withdrawing excessive attention from the conscious mind. It’s about understanding the messages that our body and intuition are trying to communicate. So why is this so important? Because by learning more about our emotions, we can stop negative thought’s patterns and change them for positive ones, we can break bad habits, we can reprogram our brain to get the results that we want, we can connect with our inner self, improving our creativity, peace, happiness, etc.


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AllowingWe have gotten so used to think about everything, that anything that is outside of the logic of what the ego can see, is not likely to happen or achieve for us. We have completely forgotten about feelings. We also forgot how to escape from the mind for a while and how to change negative thoughts for positive ones. Questions such as how we are feeling today or what can I do to be happier are no longer in our mind. Instead, we let the circumstances of the moment to decide for us how we should feel. A good example of this is how fast we get annoyed when we get stuck in the traffic.

The problem is that we forgot how to feel good without any particular reason. We have to decide to be happy no matter what the circumstances are. We have to be able to get out of the mind even for a while. We need to rest from the compulsive thinking, and if it’s possible to shift our thoughts from negative to positive. Part of the problem is the media. The media industry is based in mind programming, manipulation. They are constantly programming our brain, telling us what is “cool,” what to buy, where to buy, what to wear, where to live, etc. That is what happens when you watch the TV ads.

The newspapers are mainly focused in the bad news, yes the ones that everybody likes to read about. So we end up focusing in the same bad news, expecting somebody else to solve the problems or at least to tell us what to do. From the goal-setting point of view, we cannot even focus in the first product that we would like to buy, for example a car, when ten other products are being advertised immediately after the car that we want. So we end up focusing in the lack of these products or in the lack of money to buy them, and this is how we think we are “victims” of the system.

The first step is to take complete responsibility for our actions, thoughts and emotions, because nobody else has the power to make us happy and prosperous. We need to be willing to change, to fail, then to win, to learn from our mistakes. The second step is to use the Cleansing Process, to address negative thoughts and feelings. Developing and directing our awareness out of our mind to our body, to the emotional system, is the purpose of this blog. As a result, we start experiencing happiness no matter what the situation is.

The art of allowing is the art of practicing to be happy without any particular reason. It is to allow happiness to be our main focus of attention, then all the creativity, ideas, positive feelings, prosperity is going to come to us from this emotional state.

Energy in Motion

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Emotions are just energy. We have learnt lots of different names for emotions. The positive ones include joy, happiness, love and the negative ones depression, fear, stress, hate, etc. That’s why many people think emotions are complicated, because as there are so many, it’s difficult to get to know all of them. The truth is that they are only different grades of the same energy.

As we become more conscious about our feelings, we will realize there are two basic emotions, the one that feels right and the one that feels bad. Our job has always been to focus in the one that feels good. It doesn’t matter if you call it happiness, hope, empathy, passion, etc. You just have to feel good!

As I said before, we have been taught to manage our feelings, to control them or if worse come to worst, to avoid them. The truth is that we don’t need to control our feelings. We like to believe that it’s all about the mind, thoughts are always in charge. However, thoughts are limited; they are just a tool. The connection that we are looking for is the one that feels good, the one that guide us. Intuition, inspiration, creativity is what we all want.

By understanding positive and negative emotions as different grades of the same energy, we also understand that for our own good we should always want to feel happy and inspired. As we develop more awareness of our thoughts and the reactions that they cause in our body, it becomes easier to divide emotions in only two categories and then focus in the positive one. As we go along the way, happiness will start to increase, and all sort of good things are going to be surprising us all the time!