Using time wisely

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Each second of life is extremely important. As I mentioned in the previous post, life is renewing all the time for you, enabling you to become the creator of your own experience. The beauty of this is that from the moment you decided to make a change until you have finally manifested, each second played an important role.

There are going to be difficulties along the way, because life is not designed to please you and give you everything you want. Life is about how you react to the circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. So if you want something new in your experience, certainly you will have some difficulties; but each single second will give you the choice to act upon it or to give up.

People like to consider themselves victims of their circumstances. The worse our personal “drama or situation” is, the more our friends will identify with us.

If we think of life not as something unfair but as a game where you are the creator of your personal experience, then you will start appreciating it more. Specifically, what we need to change is our perception of time. For example, a single hour should not be boring. An hour gives you 3600 seconds to let you decide or create what you want in your experience.

The problem is that most people are unaware of this; then they spend their precious time “complaining about their situation” instead of “creating their future.” Everyone is responsible of they own experience. Life teaches us through circumstances. For example, somebody was born today but some other person is going to pass away tomorrow.

Life is a personal experience. You were born alone, and you will leave this world in the same way. So don’t let others decide for you. You can always change your present condition because you are the only one in charge, and a good way to start it is by changing the way you perceive and use your time.

Life is infinite

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Life is in constant expansion. Science has proven that the universe has always been growing since the beginning. Life is also infinite, not because it cannot be measured, but because it never stops expanding.

The mistake we are making is to assume life as something static. For example, today I have to work, then tomorrow again, and so on. From that perspective life appears to be limited; it looks like there is no other purpose in life than working to pay the bills…

On the contrary, life is renewing itself all the time. Each second gives you a new opportunity to create and explore what you like. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next few minutes, hours or days. On the other hand, what you are going to experience is the result of your thoughts and beliefs. For example, don’t expect to be successful if you are complaining all the time about your personal situation.

Believe it or not, you are “making your story” each second of your life. You are always making decisions according to your beliefs. The story of your life itself is not important. Or, put another way, don’t live in the past, create your future. What is important is to “make your story” from a positive perspective.

Life is joy. It is a miracle that we can create our own opportunities at every single moment. Right now, you can choose whether to stay positive or to immerse yourself in negativity and stress. It is always your choice. Life is designed to let you create what you want at any moment.

Life is not something that is just there. As a society, we have created life as we know it together. Cars, buildings, computers are the way there are because we wanted them to be that way. It was an idea in somebody’s mind first, then with time and persistence we have been able to shape everything that surrounds us.

However, we have to live consciously. The joy of life can only be found when you live purposely every second or in “the present moment.” The phenomenon of life can merely be realized from the present moment, because is only there where you have the power to choose, create and change your own reality without the interference of the ego with its fears, negativity and limitations.

For example, how can you get bored if life is giving you in every second the opportunity to explore or do something completely different? You can walk, watch a movie, start a new project, etc. Life should be what you consciously make of it from the present moment.

If you are not conscious enough, then you get into the trap of the mind. For the mind everything is boring. It always needs a new activity, but it never gets fulfilled for more than few minutes.

The gift of life is to renew itself all the time for you, so you become the creator of your own experience. It has been designed in this way to give you the freedom to do, explore and learn from what you like. Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Use every second of your life wisely, to create consciously the future you want. Remember, don’t stay in the past, create your future now.

Energy field

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Leopoldo OsioWith the practice of meditation, the awareness of the inner energy field can be improved furthermore and subsequently, your understanding about emotions. When you are worried about anything, it means you are not accepting the present moment as it is, because you are afraid that things might happen in a way you don’t want them to happen. The natural reaction is to create tension in your body. Tension means to hold your inner energy. It won’t vibrate as it should be, on the contrary, it will be held inside your body, and of course, it doesn’t feel good at all!

Subconsciously, you know something negative is happening (because of the way you feel). Then the more you put your attention on this thought, the worse it gets. You can think of emotions as flowing energy within your body.

When you are relaxed and in peace with what is happening in the present moment, you can feel positive emotions as a nice vibration. For example, try to remember how you felt the last time you got a pleasant massage.

Negative emotions start when you don’t accept the present moment as it is. Your inner energy field gets stuck, and you feel it in your body as tension. Then you focus more and more on this tension and the negative thought that caused it, and that is how it becomes a greater problem.

It is easier to feel your energy field when you are stressed or worried, because it is causing tension in your body. Generally, when we are in peace with the present moment, we don’t pay attention to our energy field because we are already enjoying the sensation of it.

With the practice of meditation and self-awareness, we understand the feeling of positive emotions as our ideal state of being. This energy leads us to our true self behind the body and mind.

The mind is just an instrument not your real identity. By being conscious of your body and the now, you gain access to that place where your energy field is always felt as pure positive vibration. This practice will liberate you from tension and suffering, allowing you to choose not only how you want to feel, but also to see the truth behind any situation.


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The trap of the mind is to personalize all your thoughts; it speaks as if it was your true self. The mind’s game is seductive, because in the end, you are not addicted to anything. It is just a repetitive thought that your mind has made you believe is you. What I am saying is that you are not addicted to the act itself but to the thought. Your mind uses that thought to get immediate satisfaction, but it only lasts few minutes, then the thought is there one more time.

For example, overeating, smoking or drinking, are supposed to relieve tension and stress to most people. However, is it true? Of course it is not! But your mind makes you feel you already are better off when you do it.

Few minutes later the stress will be back. Paradoxically, your mind is going to tell you one more time to repeat the same action to “relief tension,” and that’s how the addiction or thought perpetuates itself over and over.

Life is the infinite consciousness in which we exist. It is our essence and at the same time is much bigger than us. When you put your attention on it, suddenly all your problems disappear! You realize that after all you are safe, and you are still alive in an improved state.

When you meditate, you are coming back to your true essence, you feel there is no need to worry anymore. Everything is in order, everything and everybody is perfect the way they are. (You can also use The Cleansing Process, but results are better when you also add meditation fifteen minutes per day).

Your ego doesn’t want to deal with the responsibilities of your life; it just wants immediate satisfaction. That’s why in the end everybody is addicted to something. So what can you do to overcome addictions? Remember one more time about The Cleansing Process and Meditation. I recommend to use both for better results.

Meditation is about feeling what is going on within you and around you. By giving your attention back to your senses, you withdraw consciousness from your compulsive thinking (including the addiction) and direct it back to the body, where your true nature can be felt. The more you practice it, the more you understand the addiction is only a thought.

At the same time, it is also important to accept the thoughts we want to get rid of. Remember that what we accept we go beyond. If we try to avoid or suppress the thought, we are going to get stuck with it, perpetuating one more time the addiction.

Realizing our true nature

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You are not your personal story, circumstances, past or personality. Whatever you think you are or have become, is just a false identification with your mind and external circumstances. For example, you are not a doctor or engineer, as you weren’t born being that. It is only your profession or what you have chosen to do.

In the same way, you are not a victim of  life, with lots of problems that cannot be solved. Depending on what you have been taught since your childhood, you may believe you have a specific personality that defines you and cannot be changed. Therefore, you accept your good values and blame yourself for the bad ones, but at the same time you don’t try to change because “that’s the way you are.”

Well, all that is an illusion. Your true essence cannot be seen; that’s why you have identified yourself as the mind. The compulsive thoughts have taken control of your life. This is also due to the set of rules that society has been imposing to everyone since we were children; so in the end it isn’t our fault because almost everybody has had the same problem.

Our true self is consciousness. People also called soul, awareness, vibration or love. The best way to illustrate this is just as I mentioned in the previous post. When we pass away, our body certainly dies, but our soul never ceases to exist. It just goes to another plane of existence. Most religions acknowledge this fact.

Consciousness is what we are really made of. Behind our personality and life situation, our consciousness remains hidden, completely forgotten. Most people are searching for the truth everywhere else, without realizing they are the truth themselves! You cannot think about it because you are already it! The truth is that you are the consciousness that is aware of your own thoughts not the thought itself.

I will try to explain this with the following example. Think about a book and the information it contains. When you read a book you don’t read it with your thoughts; you are the consciousness that is interpreting or in this case watching the characters in the book, then the thought appears and it might agree or not with what is being read; but your true nature is the consciousness beyond the thought that is interpreting the information from the book.

In other words, without consciousness, you couldn’t exist. Even though when your body dies, your soul keeps alive in another plane. You never cease to exist. It doesn’t matter if it is on earth, heaven, purgatory or whatever you believe; your true essence is always alive. You have to recognize yourself as pure consciousness that can never be destroyed, so it will liberate you from identification of the mind and will get you deeper in recognizing and exploring yourself as the inner energy field within your body.

Life and death

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Death is one of the most feared situations in modern society as opposed to ancient civilizations. Although we really avoid even thinking about it, all of us know that our life in this physical body is going to end. It has been recognized in most religions that we have a soul; therefore, our life continues in another plane of existence after we leave our body.

In nature, we find death everywhere, dead trees, animals, etc. It is part of life. Even stars, planets and suns die after millions of years of life. The ego wants to keep us away from the truth that is hidden in death. Just as meditation is really important to help us realize our true essence or soul, death is the confirmation that we are not the body and thoughts that we have become completely identified with.

Our true self remains invisible to our eye. That’s why we have identified our personality and body as “us.” Although it cannot be seen, it can be felt within the body! The truth is that we are indestructible. Our body is not what we are, that’s why the body certainly dies. However, our inner energy field that gives life to the body (you can also call it soul) never dies.

That energy field can also be interpreted as awareness, consciousness or vibration. The aim of meditation is to help us feel and realize our soul within the body. The aim of life is to live from that realization. When you live knowing who you are, then you are not trapped in your mind, thoughts or fears anymore. You are more like a witness, appreciating and enjoying what life has to offer without attachment to any situation, person or object.

When a loved one passes away, a void can be felt in the body. Usually this is exactly what people fear the most and try to avoid. However, that void has a reason. Accepting that feeling leads you to god, to the present moment. It gives you peace. Eventually, you comprehend the true nature of life; everything in the physical universe is going to die; nothing lasts forever, but our true essence is eternal and infinite, is just like a change of house for our soul.

By living from the realization of who you really are beyond the physical body and personality, you understand that death is just a change of place, like moving to a different country with a new set of rules and customs. You came into this world without any possession, and you will also leave it in the same way. So, our purpose has always been to explore, to create, enjoy and to learn from our experiences with other people. Or in other words, you are here not to become identified with the form, but to make the most of your life by living from the realization of your true essence; then you will always be free from the illusion of death and suffering.

The present moment

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Present momentAs I have mentioned before, we can only live in the present moment. There is nothing else. The mind is always thinking in the past and the future as a way to deny or avoid staying in the present moment. When I buy my home then I’ll be happy or I cannot be happy until I pay off the mortgage, etc. The past is also a mental abstraction. Some people live there trying to change what they did wrong.

We cannot know what is going to happen in the future, we cannot go to the past either. Then all we have is the present moment. Why the mind is always trying to take us out of this moment? Because we don’t need the compulsive thinking to be aware of this moment. We don’t need the mind to reach our inner self. We don’t need it to find a creative solution to any problem we may have either.

It doesn’t matter what is it that you truly want, from getting a million-dollar idea to reaching enlightenment. The mind can do nothing for you. You need inspiration, intuition, inner peace or connection to the source (call it god, the universe, or whatever suits you). From this place, you will have access to the infinite intelligence that will provide you with all you need and desire.

However, this is a problem for the mind, because it likes to have control about when we achieve what we want. When we accept the present moment as it is (including our present reality of not having achieved yet what we want) eventually we don’t need to worry whether we will have it in the future or not, or if other people think we failed. In other words, when we fully accept this moment then the mind is unnecessary. You will realize that your mind has been worrying you whether you are attaining your goals or not. It never came up with interesting solutions. All the mind proposed were fear-based solutions.

Mind-created solutions are fear-based, while solutions coming from intuition or inspirations are divine-based solutions. The mind and the compulsive thinking are a trap, and meditation is what we need to practice in order to be able to realize it. Being aware of emotions is a small form of meditation, because we are training ourselves to develop awareness of our body, so we can consciously change our thoughts when they are causing negative reactions in our body. Meditation is a step further, because by investing fifteen minutes per day we are accelerating this process, therefore, we are not only able to see the results in our physical well-being but in our goals and the rest of the facets in our life.

How to meditate

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How to meditateEmotions are the easiest way to re-establish contact with our body. If we develop the habit of feeling the emotions in our body, we are also starting to focus in the vast consciousness that we really are. Meditation equally as emotion is about the kinesthetic sense. However, meditation goes deeper because we focus exclusively on it for at least 15 minutes.

In general terms, meditation is about feeling all the parts of the body, releasing any tension we might have and giving all our attention to our inner self. It is equally important to give unconditional attention to the way we breathe, as it can always be felt within the body and is one of the main techniques used to maintain our attention in the present moment.

The main idea behind meditation is to withdraw attention from the compulsive thoughts and re-direct it mainly to the kinesthetic sense, so with practice, by “feeling” what is happening in the body, we regain contact with our inner self, being able to stay in the present moment (or out of the conflict between the past and future created by the mind).

When we are meditating, we are also aware of what is happening around us, including the auditory and olfactory senses, but as I said before, the main focus is always going to be the kinesthetic sense.

Now it’s time to try an easy meditation exercise. It is recommended to practice at least fifteen minutes twice a day in a calmed place, where you cannot be disturbed by external noise. If you haven’t tried any meditation technique before, you can start sitting on a chair, but avoid leaning back. Keeping the spine straight and erect will help you to be more alert an also prevent you from falling asleep.

Then close your eyes and give your total attention to the body and release any tension. Now, try to breathe in and out as slowly and quietly as possible. If possible too, leave a short pause between the end of the inhalation and the beginning of your exhalation. Also be aware of any smell and sound that may be present in the room.

Focus on this for at least fifteen minutes or the amount of time that feels comfortable for you, letting the movement of your breathe guide you through the whole process. If thoughts come to your mind, don’t fight against them; just give your attention back to your body, its sensations and your breath. Remember, meditation is not about controlling thoughts or the mind; it is about “feeling” the body, gradually this will allow you to feel your inner energy field within.

In certain way, we can say that the aim of meditation is to free ourselves from thoughts, but definitely don’t focus in the mind to meditate because the mind is not necessary.

After the first five minutes, you will notice the body and mind starting to calm down and becoming more alert and sensitive. That is the indication that you are on the right path. With more practice, you will be more aware of the space between thoughts and an increasing feeling of peace that never leaves you, no matter what you are doing.


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ConsciousnessWe are made of consciousness. We have a body because we are in a physical world, but our true self is not the body (as I mentioned in “What is meditation“) Many religions acknowledge the fact that we have a soul and that is really our true essence. We also have a mind and one of the primary functions of the mind is to create. We create with our thoughts.

So the story more or less starts as follows: we are consciousness in a human body. It means we interpret information around us by using our senses. As we are in a human body, we also have a mind, and the mind has its own characteristics. One of its characteristics is to store our experiences as information, so we can access later to it. Another important piece of information is that we can only live in the present moment; we cannot live in the past or in the future.

The problem starts with the self-identification with the body and mind. When we talk with other people, we assume that this body is all I am and their body is all their are, etc. So we don’t believe in our intuition or our inner self because all we recognize as ourselves are our thoughts. We don’t believe anymore that we are always connected to god, so we start looking for him in all types of places, including the church, sacred temples in India, the himalaya or any guru. We also forgot about the creative power we have within us, and that we can access this power with our thoughts. All we believe is what the mind can see, and the problem is that we became completely obsessed with it, not being able to stop thinking and analyzing things anymore.

The only way to find the way back home, to the infinite consciousness we are really made of, is to stop the self-identification with the mind and the body. The mind’s job is to fragment reality, to break the whole reality into smaller “things,” so we can give it a name, like a three, a chair, and then store it in our mind. This is completely necessary so we can access this information later for future reference. We have to see the mind as an amazing instrument, but we are over-using it; the thoughts have become compulsive and people cannot stop thinking about anything from relationships, food to money among many other issues.

We need to recover access to the vast consciousness we are. This is the source of life, love, creativity, prosperity, well being, the universe itself and beyond. There is nothing wrong to use the mind for specific tasks, but we need to be able to always come back to the conscious and peaceful state.

What is meditation

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What is meditationMeditation is the means through which we return to our natural state.  Meditation is the practice that allows us to reconnect with whom we really are. At this moment, vast majorities of people are lost in their minds, in their ego, wanting and desiring. Most of us believe we are the physical body; therefore, we are fully identified with the characteristics of it: “I am tall,” “I am white,” “I don’t want to look like this” and so on.

We also believe we are our thoughts: “I love eating,” “I love shopping,” “I love music,”I cannot stop smoking.” We got lost because we have developed an addiction to thinking. Our thoughts have become compulsive. We cannot control them anymore. We cannot stop thinking; we cannot stop behaving in the way we don’t want; we cannot be in silence anymore.

What is our natural state then? Can we really stop thinking? Can we break all our bad habits? Meditation is nothing spiritual, complicated or outside of this world. Meditation is so easy that people have misunderstood it completely. There are not requirements to meditate and there isn’t religious knowledge involved in this practice either.

Meditation is just self-observation. What are we observing? At first, it is only self-observation of the mind. You will observe your own mind, your own pattern of thoughts. With time and enough practice, you will learn two things: the strategies that your own mind uses to disconnect you from your inner being and get you distracted in the compulsive thinking, secondly you will realize the more you meditate or observe your mind, the calmer, peaceful, creative and intelligent you will become.

I am not saying that the mind is our enemy, the mind is a powerful tool, but we have become obsessed with it. Our awareness is completely lost in thoughts. By practicing meditation, all we are doing is observing the mind instead of identifying with it. We are taking our awareness out of the compulsive thinking and putting it in our senses, especially the kinesthetic sense. We start to give undivided attention to what we are listening, seeing and more important we give attention to our body, the way it feels, the field of energy within us, etc.

Through meditation, we re-establish contact with our inner self and all the benefits this brings us. Peace, well being, happiness, creativity, prosperity, love, intuition, are just few of the benefits we get by practicing meditation.