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Love in natureIn the universe, everything is based on love. I am not talking about the kind of love that we see in the movies or the kind of love we have for our family either. Love is respecting the differences of the story that is generated as the result of interacting with people and the environment.


Love has always been about others. It is about understanding that all living beings need to cooperate between each other to facilitate our life and evolution. In nature, all species collaborate with each other to maintain the perfect balance. The trees are providing us with shade and oxygen; cows give us milk and meat; rivers provide us with water and fish, etc.

As a result of being alive, we are always in constant communication, interacting with other human beings. They may be our family, friends, colleagues or people we don’t know. They may be white, black, asiatic, etc. If we understand everybody is different, therefore, everybody thinks different; we will also understand that there is no need to criticize the one that thinks distinct than us. The universe has created diversity and contrast to help us learn how to cooperate with others, despite our opinions and interests.

What I am saying is by nature we have distinct religions, ethnicity, shapes, ideas etc. On the other hand, we all need this contrast. In the universe, all the planets are different, in nature all animals and plants are different, why humans should be the same color, speak only one language and have only one religion? Love is respecting all these differences, facilitating and supporting everyone else’s evolution and well being.

Another way to look at it is thinking in the big picture We are all distinct because all of us have different things to learn. All of us have difficulties no matter what our nationality or profession is. So if we are willing to help and serve others, they will also do it with us. No matter how you look at it, the conclusion is that we all need the cooperation of others to achieve our goals.

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