Life is personal

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From the moment you were born, you have been experiencing life alone. You have been given a name and an identification number which only responds to you.

You are the responsible for your own acts. If you break the law, nobody else can be responsible of your actions. Life is what you perceive of it or put another way, how you interpret its circumstances. If you are happy, then life is bliss. If you are negative person, then life becomes a problem.

Money, relationships, food and health are believed to be the most valued things in our society. However people in general face the same challenges; what makes the difference is how they react to them.

If you do not believe in yourself, or if you do not love yourself enough, you cannot expect anybody else to love you or make you happy.

People are searching for everything they want outside themselves, as if it was hidden, and they were going to find it.

Life is not about following other’s rules. It is all about finding your true self, then act from your intuition. You cannot follow other people’s rules, because it certainly may work to them according to their personal situation, but each situation is different and has its own characteristics.

In nature, water always finds their way. It is not worried about changing direction every time it finds an obstacle. It just flows. If we accept life as a set of experiences, some of them good and some of them bad, then you understand that those experiences are there to teach us.

Actually, life is not good or bad. Life’s circumstances are a mix between positive and negative experiences. It has been designed this way for our own good. After all, if god was going to give us everything we wanted, then life did not have a purpose.

As I said before, everybody is exposed to the same problems, but what determines if we have learnt the lesson is our attitude and reaction to them. Remember, no matter what your situation is, life is not about its circumstances but how you react to them.

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