Life is infinite

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Life is in constant expansion. Science has proven that the universe has always been growing since the beginning. Life is also infinite, not because it cannot be measured, but because it never stops expanding.

The mistake we are making is to assume life as something static. For example, today I have to work, then tomorrow again, and so on. From that perspective life appears to be limited; it looks like there is no other purpose in life than working to pay the bills…

On the contrary, life is renewing itself all the time. Each second gives you a new opportunity to create and explore what you like. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next few minutes, hours or days. On the other hand, what you are going to experience is the result of your thoughts and beliefs. For example, don’t expect to be successful if you are complaining all the time about your personal situation.

Believe it or not, you are “making your story” each second of your life. You are always making decisions according to your beliefs. The story of your life itself is not important. Or, put another way, don’t live in the past, create your future. What is important is to “make your story” from a positive perspective.

Life is joy. It is a miracle that we can create our own opportunities at every single moment. Right now, you can choose whether to stay positive or to immerse yourself in negativity and stress. It is always your choice. Life is designed to let you create what you want at any moment.

Life is not something that is just there. As a society, we have created life as we know it together. Cars, buildings, computers are the way there are because we wanted them to be that way. It was an idea in somebody’s mind first, then with time and persistence we have been able to shape everything that surrounds us.

However, we have to live consciously. The joy of life can only be found when you live purposely every second or in “the present moment.” The phenomenon of life can merely be realized from the present moment, because is only there where you have the power to choose, create and change your own reality without the interference of the ego with its fears, negativity and limitations.

For example, how can you get bored if life is giving you in every second the opportunity to explore or do something completely different? You can walk, watch a movie, start a new project, etc. Life should be what you consciously make of it from the present moment.

If you are not conscious enough, then you get into the trap of the mind. For the mind everything is boring. It always needs a new activity, but it never gets fulfilled for more than few minutes.

The gift of life is to renew itself all the time for you, so you become the creator of your own experience. It has been designed in this way to give you the freedom to do, explore and learn from what you like. Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Use every second of your life wisely, to create consciously the future you want. Remember, don’t stay in the past, create your future now.

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