Judging the goals set by our minds

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Judging the goals set by our mindWe have gotten used to judge all events against goals set by our minds. That’s one of the main reasons we are always getting negative feedback from our emotions. Everything that happens is judged by whether we have achieved what we are looking for or not. Then we think god must have forgotten me, life is so hard, or I will be better off giving up this goal.

How to escape the trap? Asking yourself what real problem you have at this exact moment. Your mind can give you a number of reasons to make you feel that you haven’t achieved anything yet, and that it is a good moment to start getting worried about it, but that is exactly what this is all about. By understanding that any reason your mind is giving you is a trap, then you always have the choice to don’t listen to it.

In the last post, I discussed the two only choices that we have in the present moment: to be happy or to suffer. Well, it is exactly the same here. Judging all the events that happen in our daily life to determine whether we are conquering our goals or not, is where the problem is. We know this is wrong because every time we  start worrying, we feel negative emotions. This is the guidance system alerting us to don’t take this path.

Life is not about getting stressed, suffering and getting worried in order to make things happen. Life is about enjoying the path of achieving the goals. That’s why we have emotions giving us constant feedback, to let us know whether we are in the right direction or not. Then we just have to create the habit of choosing the option that feels better to us, because conflict might always be there, trying to create confusion within us, but it is our decision  to stop listening to that negative voice.

Remember it is not about doing the impossible to achieve a goal; it is about feeling good and enjoying the path, no matter where you stand. As Van Wilder said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.”

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