How to be more creative

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creativity, positive, inspirationCreativity should be our natural state of being. Creativity is how we express ourselves. However, It is important to understand that nobody can make us “creative.”

Each person on this planet is unique. Each one of us has unique features such as our face, body, language and expressions, likes and dislikes, etc.. Therefore, each one of us sees the world differently.

From that point of view, there is space for every person on this planet. There is no need for comparison, because even if we wanted, we cannot have other’s person thoughts or ideas.

So, what makes a person more creative then? Well, the question is not why a person is more creative, but what is stopping you from being creative?

Fear of failure, criticism or comparison with others, are among the main causes of creative block. The more you are identified with the ego and its fears, the more difficult will be for you to connect with creativity.

Mastery of any discipline means that it has become second nature; therefore, there is no thought process involved anymore. All that remains is you as a witness. There are no more fear or doubts. You feel so connected to your intuition and inspiration, that there is no room for negativity or any other fear-based thought or emotion.

I have discussed the importance of developing awareness of emotions and some other techniques in this site in order to reconnect again with our inner self.  I highly recommend reading and practicing the five articles in the Start here section. However, I am also going to mention more steps to follow that can help you to reduce the effect of negative thinking; therefore, creativity will increase naturally as you practice and develop more awareness.

1 Don’t blame yourself or your thoughts, don’t reject them either. All you have to do is to accept them. Remember, what you accept you go beyond; if you fight it, you will get stuck with it.

2 Trust in you, in your knowledge and preferences. You have a unique view of the world, so focus in what you see and feel rather than what others should do.

3 Remember that mistakes are part of the process of learning. Everybody has made mistakes. Actually, that is the only way to know exactly what you don’t want! After all, if you are not making mistakes, it means you are not really trying.

4 I find very important to have a source of inspiration. Always pay attention to the masters of the discipline you are working in. As they have transcended their ego in what they do, their work will be the result of the purest connection with their inner self. Definitely, you will find that after spending some time enjoying and appreciating their work (note that I didn’t say analyzing or using the mind), inspiration will come to you almost effortlessly…

All fear-based emotions and thoughts about lack of creativity, can be highly reduced by meditating and going to the root of them, which is to say, fear of failure, criticism and comparison with others.

Life is a personal experience, so no matter what your thoughts are; what the masters have achieved is because of their persistence and confidence in their creative process. Use this information to get inspiration and not to compare yourself with them.

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