Expanding consciousness

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Consciousness expansionEverything on this existence has a counterpart: White-black, life-death, sound-silence, etc. It also includes the most important aspect of life, which is consciousness and its counterpart, unconsciousness.

At this moment, the vast majority of people live unconsciously.  However, it may be not easy to understand or simply feel what consciousness is if you haven’t tried it before. There are innumerable techniques and variations to help you awaken, such as meditation and relaxation techniques. The first step is learning how to “feel” your true essence, which is consciousness. It can also be called vibration, soul, etc.

An easy way to realize our presence within the body is to be aware of the way we feel at any time. When you think about something and you feel good, then what you are experiencing is high vibration, the positive side of consciousness.

When you feel bad, it is obvious that something is going wrong, and the effects can be felt within the body. That is a lower vibration, the negative side of consciousness or unconsciousness.

An example of these two sides of consciousness has been used in cartoons, when a character has a little “angel” speaking to him from one side of the head and a little “devil” speaking to him from the other side. Both are trying to convince the character to act in a certain way.

Unfortunately, most people live from the negative side of consciousness. They are asleep. They think they are victims of the system. They don’t see how nature and our environment are being destroyed. They don’t see the manipulation of the media. They believe in illnesses and cannot see how they have created it and how they can cure themselves.

Again, it is essential to understand that our true self can only be felt; in cannot be seen. That’s what meditation and other relaxation techniques are for. By practicing them, we start to “feel” our presence or soul, and as a result of it, our consciousness or awareness of who we really are just get expanded. But what is that I need to be conscious of?

An awakened person understands the laws of the Universe. They “know” they are creators and responsible of their own circumstances. They are happy, positive and loving people. They always care and support other people ideas.  They can see clearly what is happening in our society and the manipulation of corporations and governments, so instead of contributing with that, they become part of the solution as they create original ideas, movements, careers etc. They understand illnesses and can heal themselves.

Consciousness is not easy to explain, because it is our present reality. It is like trying to explain to a fish what water is. As he has lived immersed in water most of his life, water is his reality, it is all he knows. It is more or less our case.

However, there are also infinite layers or levels of consciousness, and we can always evolve to higher states of it. For example, a violent person is at the very low side of consciousness, but he can become a calmed and collaborative person by expanding his awareness (or realizing) that he has no right to harm other people.

Every time we care more about other people or good causes, or we watch a documentary about anything and we suddenly “feel” something like a click in our mind, and now we can understand things that we couldn’t get before, then it means that our consciousness has expanded.

The expansion of consciousness is infinite, there is no end. Our life’s purpose is to expand our consciousness or awareness. We expand it every time we meditate; every time we develop new skills or learn more about things we care or simply, every time we create things or events that we want to see manifested in our reality.


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