Energy field

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Leopoldo OsioWith the practice of meditation, the awareness of the inner energy field can be improved furthermore and subsequently, your understanding about emotions. When you are worried about anything, it means you are not accepting the present moment as it is, because you are afraid that things might happen in a way you don’t want them to happen. The natural reaction is to create tension in your body. Tension means to hold your inner energy. It won’t vibrate as it should be, on the contrary, it will be held inside your body, and of course, it doesn’t feel good at all!

Subconsciously, you know something negative is happening (because of the way you feel). Then the more you put your attention on this thought, the worse it gets. You can think of emotions as flowing energy within your body.

When you are relaxed and in peace with what is happening in the present moment, you can feel positive emotions as a nice vibration. For example, try to remember how you felt the last time you got a pleasant massage.

Negative emotions start when you don’t accept the present moment as it is. Your inner energy field gets stuck, and you feel it in your body as tension. Then you focus more and more on this tension and the negative thought that caused it, and that is how it becomes a greater problem.

It is easier to feel your energy field when you are stressed or worried, because it is causing tension in your body. Generally, when we are in peace with the present moment, we don’t pay attention to our energy field because we are already enjoying the sensation of it.

With the practice of meditation and self-awareness, we understand the feeling of positive emotions as our ideal state of being. This energy leads us to our true self behind the body and mind.

The mind is just an instrument not your real identity. By being conscious of your body and the now, you gain access to that place where your energy field is always felt as pure positive vibration. This practice will liberate you from tension and suffering, allowing you to choose not only how you want to feel, but also to see the truth behind any situation.

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