Energy in Motion

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Emotions are just energy. We have learnt lots of different names for emotions. The positive ones include joy, happiness, love and the negative ones depression, fear, stress, hate, etc. That’s why many people think emotions are complicated, because as there are so many, it’s difficult to get to know all of them. The truth is that they are only different grades of the same energy.

As we become more conscious about our feelings, we will realize there are two basic emotions, the one that feels right and the one that feels bad. Our job has always been to focus in the one that feels good. It doesn’t matter if you call it happiness, hope, empathy, passion, etc. You just have to feel good!

As I said before, we have been taught to manage our feelings, to control them or if worse come to worst, to avoid them. The truth is that we don’t need to control our feelings. We like to believe that it’s all about the mind, thoughts are always in charge. However, thoughts are limited; they are just a tool. The connection that we are looking for is the one that feels good, the one that guide us. Intuition, inspiration, creativity is what we all want.

By understanding positive and negative emotions as different grades of the same energy, we also understand that for our own good we should always want to feel happy and inspired. As we develop more awareness of our thoughts and the reactions that they cause in our body, it becomes easier to divide emotions in only two categories and then focus in the positive one. As we go along the way, happiness will start to increase, and all sort of good things are going to be surprising us all the time!

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