Life and death

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Death is one of the most feared situations in modern society as opposed to ancient civilizations. Although we really avoid even thinking about it, all of us know that our life in this physical body is going to end. It has been recognized in most religions that we have a soul; therefore, our life continues in another plane of existence after we leave our body.

In nature, we find death everywhere, dead trees, animals, etc. It is part of life. Even stars, planets and suns die after millions of years of life. The ego wants to keep us away from the truth that is hidden in death. Just as meditation is really important to help us realize our true essence or soul, death is the confirmation that we are not the body and thoughts that we have become completely identified with.

Our true self remains invisible to our eye. That’s why we have identified our personality and body as “us.” Although it cannot be seen, it can be felt within the body! The truth is that we are indestructible. Our body is not what we are, that’s why the body certainly dies. However, our inner energy field that gives life to the body (you can also call it soul) never dies.

That energy field can also be interpreted as awareness, consciousness or vibration. The aim of meditation is to help us feel and realize our soul within the body. The aim of life is to live from that realization. When you live knowing who you are, then you are not trapped in your mind, thoughts or fears anymore. You are more like a witness, appreciating and enjoying what life has to offer without attachment to any situation, person or object.

When a loved one passes away, a void can be felt in the body. Usually this is exactly what people fear the most and try to avoid. However, that void has a reason. Accepting that feeling leads you to god, to the present moment. It gives you peace. Eventually, you comprehend the true nature of life; everything in the physical universe is going to die; nothing lasts forever, but our true essence is eternal and infinite, is just like a change of house for our soul.

By living from the realization of who you really are beyond the physical body and personality, you understand that death is just a change of place, like moving to a different country with a new set of rules and customs. You came into this world without any possession, and you will also leave it in the same way. So, our purpose has always been to explore, to create, enjoy and to learn from our experiences with other people. Or in other words, you are here not to become identified with the form, but to make the most of your life by living from the realization of your true essence; then you will always be free from the illusion of death and suffering.

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