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ConsciousnessWe are made of consciousness. We have a body because we are in a physical world, but our true self is not the body (as I mentioned in “What is meditation“) Many religions acknowledge the fact that we have a soul and that is really our true essence. We also have a mind and one of the primary functions of the mind is to create. We create with our thoughts.

So the story more or less starts as follows: we are consciousness in a human body. It means we interpret information around us by using our senses. As we are in a human body, we also have a mind, and the mind has its own characteristics. One of its characteristics is to store our experiences as information, so we can access later to it. Another important piece of information is that we can only live in the present moment; we cannot live in the past or in the future.

The problem starts with the self-identification with the body and mind. When we talk with other people, we assume that this body is all I am and their body is all their are, etc. So we don’t believe in our intuition or our inner self because all we recognize as ourselves are our thoughts. We don’t believe anymore that we are always connected to god, so we start looking for him in all types of places, including the church, sacred temples in India, the himalaya or any guru. We also forgot about the creative power we have within us, and that we can access this power with our thoughts. All we believe is what the mind can see, and the problem is that we became completely obsessed with it, not being able to stop thinking and analyzing things anymore.

The only way to find the way back home, to the infinite consciousness we are really made of, is to stop the self-identification with the mind and the body. The mind’s job is to fragment reality, to break the whole reality into smaller “things,” so we can give it a name, like a three, a chair, and then store it in our mind. This is completely necessary so we can access this information later for future reference. We have to see the mind as an amazing instrument, but we are over-using it; the thoughts have become compulsive and people cannot stop thinking about anything from relationships, food to money among many other issues.

We need to recover access to the vast consciousness we are. This is the source of life, love, creativity, prosperity, well being, the universe itself and beyond. There is nothing wrong to use the mind for specific tasks, but we need to be able to always come back to the conscious and peaceful state.

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