Concept of time

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There is only one present eternal moment. There is no tomorrow or yesterday. All of them were or will be experienced as present moment or now.

Our concept of time is an illusion. It is related to the idea that everything in the universe is moving. Movement exists own its own. But movement happens within the now, no within or because time.

Another misconception of time is about the cycle of life. All things in the universe get born and die. Nothing last forever. However, this cycle also gives the impression that time is “passing by”. But it isn’t. Movement, life and death, all happen within the present moment.

Time on its own doesn’t exist. It’s just a unit measure that helps us to organize our activities. Other cycles such as day and night, months, years, seasons also give the illusion that time is passing by.  Using cycles is also helpful to organize events with our concept of time.

The reality is that we are ageing as a consequence of the laws that govern the universe and not because time is passing by. There have been only one moment and it will continue to be one: now!

Only through meditating with the idea of now, and leaving our distorted concept of time aside (which is also the responsible of many modern diseases such as anxiety, stress etc.) we can understand that creation only exist now. Creation is infinite and we are part of that infinity. Each one of us is just another possible way of experiencing creation and experiencing the eternal now.

Infinity is another concept hard to grasp with the mind. However if you think about it, this moment is infinite; it has always been now and it will always be. This now have never had a beginning or end. It’s continuous, infinite. The universe is also infinite. Science can’t tell how many planets and stars exist within the universe. It can’t tell its size either.

What you decide to do and think within this eternal moment is a gift that creation is giving to you to experience reality as you want it to be. Things don’t happen outside us, as we have come to believe. There is not external reality out there. The governments and media create an “external reality” in order to condition society so they can remain in power, but this is just an illusion.

What you put out is what you get back. There is no exception of this law. It is one of the basic teachings of Jesus and is present in many religions. It also means that wherever you focus your attention within this eternal now, will determine how you experience your reality. Did you realize that when you are feeling bad everything else also look it that way, and when you are in a positive mood life is just great?

Make the most of this moment, as it is an opportunity that life has given to you to create and experience your own reality. Break free from the old, and distorted concept of time and embrace the eternal now, where you are always free and awake to experience things as you want them to be

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