Concept of time

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There is only one present eternal moment. There is no tomorrow or yesterday. All of them were or will be experienced as present moment or now. Our concept of time is an illusion. It is related to the idea that everything in the universe is moving. Movement exists own its own. But movement happens within […]

Living and loving consciously

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“Along your path, you will certainly find beautiful flowers, especially during  spring. However one day you will come across with the most alive and fragrant rose. You will become hypnotized by its beauty; it will be like nothing you have seen before.  It will bring you immense happiness. For the first time in your life […]

Expanding consciousness

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Everything on this existence has a counterpart: White-black, life-death, sound-silence, etc. It also includes the most important aspect of life, which is consciousness and its counterpart, unconsciousness. At this moment, the vast majority of people live unconsciously.  However, it may be not easy to understand or simply feel what consciousness is if you haven’t tried it before. There are innumerable techniques and variations […]

Accepting the now

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Acceptance brings liberation. However, it is a very difficult concept to assimilate. Normally, we fight against life. We fight for better opportunities, for money or love. There are so many things in life that we cannot control. As the ego doesn’t like this idea; then it convinces us to go against the flow of life, […]

Life is personal

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From the moment you were born, you have been experiencing life alone. You have been given a name and an identification number which only responds to you. You are the responsible for your own acts. If you break the law, nobody else can be responsible of your actions. Life is what you perceive of it […]

Using time wisely

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Each second of life is extremely important. As I mentioned in the previous post, life is renewing all the time for you, enabling you to become the creator of your own experience. The beauty of this is that from the moment you decided to make a change until you have finally manifested, each second played […]

Life and death

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Death is one of the most feared situations in modern society as opposed to ancient civilizations. Although we really avoid even thinking about it, all of us know that our life in this physical body is going to end. It has been recognized in most religions that we have a soul; therefore, our life continues […]

Universe and life

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Each species on this planet is unique. Therefore, any form of life that could probably exist just exists! This is the law. That is why we are alive. We are only another possible form of life. We are not either better or worse than any other form of life. All of us are special with […]

Life intelligence

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Most of us don’t like to think about the Universe, how intelligent the creation is to orchestrate life as we know it, from the molecular level to the macro level as we see it in the space. Do you think we are living in planet earth only by coincidence? That we are the most intelligent […]