Polarized mind and heart consciousness

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Our true essence or soul is unified and infinite, but it remains hidden behind our “self-created identity” or ego. Mind is the source of ego, and identification with the thinking mind can only create division because mind is a polarized instrument. Anatomically the brain is divided in right and left hemisphere and each one has […]

The impermanence of emotions

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Emotions cannot be denied, they are real. However, the mistake is our identification with them. Emotions are one of the most impermanent things on earth. In fact, each thought you have in your mind is going to bring you a different emotion. Have you ever been aware of how many emotions and thoughts come to […]

How to be more creative

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Creativity should be our natural state of being. Creativity is how we express ourselves. However, It is important to understand that nobody can make us “creative.” Each person on this planet is unique. Each one of us has unique features such as our face, body, language and expressions, likes and dislikes, etc.. Therefore, each one […]

We don’t need to know

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Sometimes we encounter situations in life that we wish we knew the answer. It can be frustrating and can lead to more problems and negative reactions. The truth is that we don’t need to know what to do. It is completely ok to don’t know the answer or the solution to a problem. In this […]

Life is infinite

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Life is in constant expansion. Science has proven that the universe has always been growing since the beginning. Life is also infinite, not because it cannot be measured, but because it never stops expanding. The mistake we are making is to assume life as something static. For example, today I have to work, then tomorrow […]

Energy field

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With the practice of meditation, the awareness of the inner energy field can be improved furthermore and subsequently, your understanding about emotions. When you are worried about anything, it means you are not accepting the present moment as it is, because you are afraid that things might happen in a way you don’t want them […]


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The trap of the mind is to personalize all your thoughts; it speaks as if it was your true self. The mind’s game is seductive, because in the end, you are not addicted to anything. It is just a repetitive thought that your mind has made you believe is you. What I am saying is […]

Realizing our true nature

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You are not your personal story, circumstances, past or personality. Whatever you think you are or have become, is just a false identification with your mind and external circumstances. For example, you are not a doctor or engineer, as you weren’t born being that. It is only your profession or what you have chosen to […]

The present moment

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As I have mentioned before, we can only live in the present moment. There is nothing else. The mind is always thinking in the past and the future as a way to deny or avoid staying in the present moment. When I buy my home then I’ll be happy or I cannot be happy until […]


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We are made of consciousness. We have a body because we are in a physical world, but our true self is not the body (as I mentioned in “What is meditation“) Many religions acknowledge the fact that we have a soul and that is really our true essence. We also have a mind and one […]