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AwarenessBecause we have awareness, we are alive, or in other words, we are alive because we have awareness. Our senses are interpreting information all the time. All our activities as human beings are based in what information we are interpreting and how we do it. For example, if you are a visual person, you may prefer to work with photography, design or other related profession.

We are being exposed to an infinite amount of information all the time, but we cannot process all the information all at once. As the result of having a mind, we can analyze the data that we are receiving, categorize it and store it in our subconscious for future reference. However, during this process is when our lack of awareness (of the information that we are constantly receiving from our senses) disconnected us completely from the present moment, and we have assumed the false illusion that we are apart from the universe, creativity, prosperity, health, etc. So we started to fear, as we have identified with the mind or compulsive thinking, as we have lost our ability to stop thinking.

Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises are techniques that have been used since long time ago to help to quiet the mind and then recover more awareness. Emotions are our guiding system or GPS, they are always telling us which path we should take, but we won’t be able to get the messages, unless we learn how to still the mind.

An easy way to attain this is paying attention to our emotions, as they are the reflection of our thoughts in our body. By being aware of the bad feelings that we receive from our guidance system, we can check the thought that caused it, and we can cleanse (please refer to the cleansing process article) until we get completely free from it. So as we start to gain awareness of our feelings, we are also withdrawing attention from the compulsive thinking (the one who creates our fears, limitations, etc.), and we give this attention back to our inner self, allowing us to reconnect with our well being, intuition, happiness, prosperity, etc…

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