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The trap of the mind is to personalize all your thoughts; it speaks as if it was your true self. The mind’s game is seductive, because in the end, you are not addicted to anything. It is just a repetitive thought that your mind has made you believe is you. What I am saying is that you are not addicted to the act itself but to the thought. Your mind uses that thought to get immediate satisfaction, but it only lasts few minutes, then the thought is there one more time.

For example, overeating, smoking or drinking, are supposed to relieve tension and stress to most people. However, is it true? Of course it is not! But your mind makes you feel you already are better off when you do it.

Few minutes later the stress will be back. Paradoxically, your mind is going to tell you one more time to repeat the same action to “relief tension,” and that’s how the addiction or thought perpetuates itself over and over.

Life is the infinite consciousness in which we exist. It is our essence and at the same time is much bigger than us. When you put your attention on it, suddenly all your problems disappear! You realize that after all you are safe, and you are still alive in an improved state.

When you meditate, you are coming back to your true essence, you feel there is no need to worry anymore. Everything is in order, everything and everybody is perfect the way they are. (You can also use The Cleansing Process, but results are better when you also add meditation fifteen minutes per day).

Your ego doesn’t want to deal with the responsibilities of your life; it just wants immediate satisfaction. That’s why in the end everybody is addicted to something. So what can you do to overcome addictions? Remember one more time about The Cleansing Process and Meditation. I recommend to use both for better results.

Meditation is about feeling what is going on within you and around you. By giving your attention back to your senses, you withdraw consciousness from your compulsive thinking (including the addiction) and direct it back to the body, where your true nature can be felt. The more you practice it, the more you understand the addiction is only a thought.

At the same time, it is also important to accept the thoughts we want to get rid of. Remember that what we accept we go beyond. If we try to avoid or suppress the thought, we are going to get stuck with it, perpetuating one more time the addiction.

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