Cleansing process on the go

author: admin     date: 01 . 19 . 2012     discuss: 0 Comments

Cleansing on the goThis I time I wanted to share a variation of an exercise taken from Esther Hicks. She states that if we hold in our awareness one positive thought or emotion for seventeen seconds, after that time, another positive thought will be attracted. So by holding that thought (including the positive feeling as well) for a few minutes, we can actually dissolve any negativity that we may have been feeling, and tune again with our guidance system. Since I had been very busy since the last week, I found it not easy to concentrate and keep the positive momentum for long without being influenced by any type of negativity, especially when conversations with people aren’t constructive.

So I decided to take short breaks of about 2 or 3 minutes any time I was feeling uncomfortable to try this exercise. It really worked! Taking short brakes was all I needed to refocus my attention to keep doing all my activities. As I gained more awareness, it was easier to complete all my tasks.

Now I am taking this exercise a step further, not only to dissolve negativity but to improve any other action I need to do at any moment. For example, every time I am going to play piano or take pictures; I invest two or three minutes focusing in how my creativity is flowing to me. So it really improves the experience as I let go of any type of expectation, and I remain open to any possibility.

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