How to be successful

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The reality or circumstances we experience are the result of our own thoughts. We tend to think that all human beings are experiencing the same reality, but that is a mistake. For example, let’s take the word meditation and ask five people the definition of it. You will soon realize that what you assumed should […]

How to be more creative

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Creativity should be our natural state of being. Creativity is how we express ourselves. However, It is important to understand that nobody can make us “creative.” Each person on this planet is unique. Each one of us has unique features such as our face, body, language and expressions, likes and dislikes, etc.. Therefore, each one […]

We don’t need to know

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Sometimes we encounter situations in life that we wish we knew the answer. It can be frustrating and can lead to more problems and negative reactions. The truth is that we don’t need to know what to do. It is completely ok to don’t know the answer or the solution to a problem. In this […]

Accepting the now

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Acceptance brings liberation. However, it is a very difficult concept to assimilate. Normally, we fight against life. We fight for better opportunities, for money or love. There are so many things in life that we cannot control. As the ego doesn’t like this idea; then it convinces us to go against the flow of life, […]

Life is personal

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From the moment you were born, you have been experiencing life alone. You have been given a name and an identification number which only responds to you. You are the responsible for your own acts. If you break the law, nobody else can be responsible of your actions. Life is what you perceive of it […]