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We are made of consciousness. We have a body because we are in a physical world, but our true self is not the body (as I mentioned in “What is meditation“) Many religions acknowledge the fact that we have a soul and that is really our true essence. We also have a mind and one […]

What is meditation

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Meditation is the means through which we return to our natural state.  Meditation is the practice that allows us to reconnect with whom we really are. At this moment, vast majorities of people are lost in their minds, in their ego, wanting and desiring. Most of us believe we are the physical body; therefore, we […]

How to set goals

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Results in life are self-generated. As I discussed in the post Judging the goals set by our mind, our brain has gotten used to note things that confirm our current expectations. Whether we think we are going to succeed or not, our mind will find the evidence to prove it. In other words, if you […]


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In the universe, everything is based on love. I am not talking about the kind of love that we see in the movies or the kind of love we have for our family either. Love is respecting the differences of the story that is generated as the result of interacting with people and the environment. […]

Universe and life

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Each species on this planet is unique. Therefore, any form of life that could probably exist just exists! This is the law. That is why we are alive. We are only another possible form of life. We are not either better or worse than any other form of life. All of us are special with […]

What is Future

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The ego will always give you an excuse to get worried, to be unhappy. The conscious mind will make you believe that by engaging in any activity or destructive thought like how can I be happy if I haven’t attained “x” yet? You will find only in the future (and not now) what you are […]

Judging the goals set by our minds

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We have gotten used to judge all events against goals set by our minds. That’s one of the main reasons we are always getting negative feedback from our emotions. Everything that happens is judged by whether we have achieved what we are looking for or not. Then we think god must have forgotten me, life […]

Life intelligence

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Most of us don’t like to think about the Universe, how intelligent the creation is to orchestrate life as we know it, from the molecular level to the macro level as we see it in the space. Do you think we are living in planet earth only by coincidence? That we are the most intelligent […]


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Because we have awareness, we are alive, or in other words, we are alive because we have awareness. Our senses are interpreting information all the time. All our activities as human beings are based in what information we are interpreting and how we do it. For example, if you are a visual person, you may […]

Emotional intelligence

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We have been talking about two different ways of being in this blog. Compulsive thinking is the one most people are familiar with. Basically, all that you need to do is to be unconscious about everything, thoughts, body signs, intuition, life. When we are in this state, we are not able to understand the infinite […]