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We have gotten so used to think about everything, that anything that is outside of the logic of what the ego can see, is not likely to happen or achieve for us. We have completely forgotten about feelings. We also forgot how to escape from the mind for a while and how to change negative […]

Energy in Motion

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Emotions are just energy. We have learnt lots of different names for emotions. The positive ones include joy, happiness, love and the negative ones depression, fear, stress, hate, etc. That’s why many people think emotions are complicated, because as there are so many, it’s difficult to get to know all of them. The truth is […]

Cleansing process on the go

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This I time I wanted to share a variation of an exercise taken from Esther Hicks. She states that if we hold in our awareness one positive thought or emotion for seventeen seconds, after that time, another positive thought will be attracted. So by holding that thought (including the positive feeling as well) for a […]

The language of emotions

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There is nothing more powerful than positive emotions. Unfortunately, we got used to the language of thoughts and words. We feel that we have to analyze every action with them. The danger is that the language of thoughts is the language of the ego or conscious mind. It has a limited view of life. It […]

The how of happiness

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In order to be happy we have to feel happy. Is this something that I can only attain in the future? No. We only have one opportunity to be happy and that opportunity is now. Feeling good is the best indicator of what is happening within us. However, bad emotions are not the enemy of […]

The creative process

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Developing further the idea of emotions being our guidance system, it is important to keep cultivating self-awareness of the body and trust in what it is communicating to us. We have been always using the mind in every activity we take part in, for every desire, goal. However, the mind is limited, as I explained […]

The cleansing process

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Our mind is reprogrammable! All self-development and education industry are based on this principle. We interpret reality with our senses and based on the information we are receiving from them is how we learn about the environment. For example, we can tell that the stove is hot, music is very loud or simply is day […]

What are Emotions

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Emotions are basically our guidance system. They are the reaction of thoughts in our body. We can know when our thoughts are lying to us because of the way our body feels. For example, you might think you have forgiven somebody for what he said about you, but if you still feel uncomfortable when that […]

Conscious and Subconscious

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Before we get started with emotions, I need to explain how the conscious and subconscious mind works. What matters to us is that the conscious mind can handle few bits of information per second as opposite as the subconscious mind that basically contains our entire beliefs system. Many studies have shown that decisions are made […]