Life intelligence

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Universe and lifeMost of us don’t like to think about the Universe, how intelligent the creation is to orchestrate life as we know it, from the molecular level to the macro level as we see it in the space. Do you think we are living in planet earth only by coincidence? That we are the most intelligent people in the Universe?

Well, this is not a discussion about finding another form of life out there, but to realize that we aren’t here just by coincidence, we are in this place for a reason, with the specific purpose of learning, expand ourselves, to create our own experience. Well, you may be asking what is it that I have to learn, what is my purpose? Everybody has a different purpose. However, what matter to us is not what but why. Why are you struggling? Why are you unhappy? Why are you suffering? Why you think your life is difficult or unfair while other’s people life are so easy?

The most successful people are the ones that love what they do and do what they love. That’s what people that you really admire are doing! That’s the secret! Most of the times we would not even try because we are afraid of failure, criticism or you name it. Have you realized how you feel when you do the thing that you really love? Isn’t it like the whole universe has stopped for a moment while you are doing this?

Again, emotions are the guidance system here. We feel unhappy with ourselves and our situation because emotions are letting us know that there is something wrong. If we are afraid of doing what we are meant to do, then bad feelings are going to be there, letting us know that we are not focusing in the right place, we are going in the wrong direction.

Now the question is what can I do to solve this situation? Well again we have to work in our subconscious first. Remember that all our positive and negative beliefs are stored there. We need to use the cleansing process. However, there are some other thoughts that can also help us, and if we create the habit of thinking in this way then it will reprogram our brain to be able to see the truth in every situation.

At any moment in our life, we have only two choices: to be happy and to suffer. When you think something is difficult, or you won’t try it because you could fail, then you are suffering. The point is never let yourself suffer, because even if you try and fail, you are going to feel better than if you did not try.

We learn by failing. That’s the only way we can learn, by using our mistakes to determine if things were ok or not. We always have these two choices, and if we decide to be happy and work with our emotions, we will know at any time how we are doing because of the way we feel.

The universe is more intelligent than you! You don’t have to worry about failing because you have been given a guidance system, so your only job is to follow your dreams all the time and to get feedback from your guidance system.

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