Polarized mind and heart consciousness ...

Our true essence or soul is unified and infinite, but it remains hidden behind our “self-created identity” or ego. Mind is the source of ego, and identification with [...]

The impermanence of emotions ...

Emotions cannot be denied, they are real. However, the mistake is our identification with them. Emotions are one of the most impermanent things on earth. In fact, each th [...]

How to be more creative ...

Creativity should be our natural state of being. Creativity is how we express ourselves. However, It is important to understand that nobody can make us “creative." E [...]

Concept of time

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There is only one present eternal moment. There is no tomorrow or yesterday. All of them were or will be experienced as present moment or now.

Our concept of time is an illusion. It is related to the idea that everything in the universe is moving. Movement exists own its own. But movement happens within the now, no within or because time.

Another misconception of time is about the cycle of life. All things in the universe get born and die. Nothing last forever. However, this cycle also gives the impression that time is “passing by”. But it isn’t. Movement, life and death, all happen within the present moment.

Time on its own doesn’t exist. It’s just a unit measure that helps us to organize our activities. Other cycles such as day and night, months, years, seasons also give the illusion that time is passing by.  Using cycles is also helpful to organize events with our concept of time.

The reality is that we are ageing as a consequence of the laws that govern the universe and not because time is passing by. There have been only one moment and it will continue to be one: now!

Only through meditating with the idea of now, and leaving our distorted concept of time aside (which is also the responsible of many modern diseases such as anxiety, stress etc.) we can understand that creation only exist now. Creation is infinite and we are part of that infinity. Each one of us is just another possible way of experiencing creation and experiencing the eternal now.

Infinity is another concept hard to grasp with the mind. However if you think about it, this moment is infinite; it has always been now and it will always be. This now have never had a beginning or end. It’s continuous, infinite. The universe is also infinite. Science can’t tell how many planets and stars exist within the universe. It can’t tell its size either.

What you decide to do and think within this eternal moment is a gift that creation is giving to you to experience reality as you want it to be. Things don’t happen outside us, as we have come to believe. There is not external reality out there. The governments and media create an “external reality” in order to condition society so they can remain in power, but this is just an illusion.

What you put out is what you get back. There is no exception of this law. It is one of the basic teachings of Jesus and is present in many religions. It also means that wherever you focus your attention within this eternal now, will determine how you experience your reality. Did you realize that when you are feeling bad everything else also look it that way, and when you are in a positive mood life is just great?

Make the most of this moment, as it is an opportunity that life has given to you to create and experience your own reality. Break free from the old, and distorted concept of time and embrace the eternal now, where you are always free and awake to experience things as you want them to be

Polarized mind and heart consciousness

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Our true essence or soul is unified and infinite, but it remains hidden behind our “self-created identity” or ego. Mind is the source of ego, and identification with the thinking mind can only create division because mind is a polarized instrument. Anatomically the brain is divided in right and left hemisphere and each one has a different and opposite function.

Through the use of the mind to develop and shape the laws that govern our society, we have created all kind of divisions such as countries, borders, social discrimination that have caused and is still causing a great deal of violence. This violence eventually leads to wars between countries, groups, social classes etc.

Jesus (among many other enlightened masters that have come to earth) has made unity and heart consciousness the central message for the evolution of humanity. What do you think Jesus meant when He said to love our enemies? or when he said love your neighbor as yourself?.

For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? “

Although we seem to be different from each other, our true nature is consciousness. We are all consciousness, and we are living and sharing within that one consciousness of all that is.  From that point of view we are all one and from the human point of view we are all brothers! But the mind will never understand this, and that’s why we have never understood how to love our enemy.

The heart is centered and non-dual.  It is the center of our being in terms of our energetic and emotional state and it allows communication and interaction with all of life. It breaks down internal and external environments and allows us access to the oneness of life.

Working with emotions is the starting point towards withdrawing attention from the dual and compulsive mind and refocusing it in the heart, where unity consciousness resides.

Living and loving consciously

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“Along your path, you will certainly find beautiful flowers, especially during  spring. However one day you will come across with the most alive and fragrant rose. You will become hypnotized by its beauty; it will be like nothing you have seen before.  It will bring you immense happiness. For the first time in your life you will be completely alive. Love will emanate from your being without you having to do anything about it. You will experience the pure bliss of love.

However, as autumn arrives, the flower’s beauty will start to fade away. The rose that once blossomed and was so alive, cannot live forever. The time of death or separation has come.”

Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Don’t be afraid to love while love is alive. It is a gift of existence to you. There is nothing you can do when love is arising within you; you cannot control it, you cannot make it stop. However, there will be also a time when that love will be consummated.

Even this type of love cannot last forever! Only compassion (the love that is not directed to one person but to all living beings cannot be destroyed). So when you feel that your love is vanishing, don’t get attached to your memories trying to revive the past, otherwise you will be trying to love a dead flower.

Acknowledge and be grateful for that great love that once was alive and be ready to move on. Open yourself to the sadness that may arise within you in the same way you opened your heart to that love. Sadness also cannot last forever!

Remember that flowers are blossoming all the time! If you accept the whole cycle of love, sooner than later you will find another love, even greater than the first one and the whole cycle would have started again.

Everything on this existence including your own being will disappear one day; even suns and galaxies are dying and getting born all the time. So live your life as consciously as possible, celebrating each moment as if it was the last one, so when the end is approaching you are not regretful. You have lived your life so passionately that now you are ready to move on to the next stage.

The whole point of life is learning to accept the impermanence of things, so you can live and love as intensely and fearless as possible. This is the only way you will feel gratitude for the life that has been given to you and only from gratitude true love (the one that is beyond this existence) can arise.

The impermanence of emotions

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Emotions cannot be denied, they are real. However, the mistake is our identification with them. Emotions are one of the most impermanent things on earth. In fact, each thought you have in your mind is going to bring you a different emotion.

Have you ever been aware of how many emotions and thoughts come to your attention during one or five minutes? This is exactly what we do in meditation. Meditation is not about trying to avoid thoughts and emotions so you can be in peace and relaxed. You cannot reject anything that comes to your attention, otherwise you will be stuck with that and it will be transformed in resistance.

All that is required is to be aware of the emotions that different thoughts are causing within you. However, the main difficulty of this practice is that unconsciously most people don’t want to face their problems or fears. On the contrary, we have been taught to put them aside and keep moving with our lives.

The lesson to be learned here is that when you direct your attention inwards, you will definitely find all sort of thoughts that are causing a variety of emotions, some of them might be positive and some other negative. That itself is not a problem. That is actually the solution: the realization that thoughts are always changing, coming and going. They don’t last more than a few seconds unless you believe them as true. Then they start taking all your attention up to the point when you become obsessed and stuck with them.

Let’s take the following thought “I don’t deserve to be loved” as an example. The first time you were aware of it, it was only a small and weak thought. However, if you assumed that this thought was true, then it will grow into your attention, up to the point where it will make you feel all sort of negative emotions and eventually it will affect your behavior and you will start experiencing circumstances related to that thought.

There is another famous example that may help you to visualize better the whole process. Imagine you are the sky and thoughts and emotions are the clouds. The sky will always be there as the background, the silent observer. In the other hand the clouds are always changing, in color and shape. It is totally impossible for a cloud to become static; it cannot remain in the same form and location for even one minute!

If you (the sky) by mistake fall in love with a cloud, how long will this love last?. It is the same with the thoughts and emotions you experience.  Accept that they are impermanent, they come and go like clouds. Don’t reject or suppress anything; on the contrary, accept it and let it be. It may be painful at the beginning but remember that by it’s own nature it will fade away if you don’t identify with it anymore.


Expanding consciousness

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Consciousness expansionEverything on this existence has a counterpart: White-black, life-death, sound-silence, etc. It also includes the most important aspect of life, which is consciousness and its counterpart, unconsciousness.

At this moment, the vast majority of people live unconsciously.  However, it may be not easy to understand or simply feel what consciousness is if you haven’t tried it before. There are innumerable techniques and variations to help you awaken, such as meditation and relaxation techniques. The first step is learning how to “feel” your true essence, which is consciousness. It can also be called vibration, soul, etc.

An easy way to realize our presence within the body is to be aware of the way we feel at any time. When you think about something and you feel good, then what you are experiencing is high vibration, the positive side of consciousness.

When you feel bad, it is obvious that something is going wrong, and the effects can be felt within the body. That is a lower vibration, the negative side of consciousness or unconsciousness.

An example of these two sides of consciousness has been used in cartoons, when a character has a little “angel” speaking to him from one side of the head and a little “devil” speaking to him from the other side. Both are trying to convince the character to act in a certain way.

Unfortunately, most people live from the negative side of consciousness. They are asleep. They think they are victims of the system. They don’t see how nature and our environment are being destroyed. They don’t see the manipulation of the media. They believe in illnesses and cannot see how they have created it and how they can cure themselves.

Again, it is essential to understand that our true self can only be felt; in cannot be seen. That’s what meditation and other relaxation techniques are for. By practicing them, we start to “feel” our presence or soul, and as a result of it, our consciousness or awareness of who we really are just get expanded. But what is that I need to be conscious of?

An awakened person understands the laws of the Universe. They “know” they are creators and responsible of their own circumstances. They are happy, positive and loving people. They always care and support other people ideas.  They can see clearly what is happening in our society and the manipulation of corporations and governments, so instead of contributing with that, they become part of the solution as they create original ideas, movements, careers etc. They understand illnesses and can heal themselves.

Consciousness is not easy to explain, because it is our present reality. It is like trying to explain to a fish what water is. As he has lived immersed in water most of his life, water is his reality, it is all he knows. It is more or less our case.

However, there are also infinite layers or levels of consciousness, and we can always evolve to higher states of it. For example, a violent person is at the very low side of consciousness, but he can become a calmed and collaborative person by expanding his awareness (or realizing) that he has no right to harm other people.

Every time we care more about other people or good causes, or we watch a documentary about anything and we suddenly “feel” something like a click in our mind, and now we can understand things that we couldn’t get before, then it means that our consciousness has expanded.

The expansion of consciousness is infinite, there is no end. Our life’s purpose is to expand our consciousness or awareness. We expand it every time we meditate; every time we develop new skills or learn more about things we care or simply, every time we create things or events that we want to see manifested in our reality.


How to be successful

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The reality or circumstances we experience are the result of our own thoughts. We tend to think that all human beings are experiencing the same reality, but that is a mistake. For example, let’s take the word meditation and ask five people the definition of it. You will soon realize that what you assumed should be the best definition is not true for the rest of the people.

Let’s put it another way. What is success for you? You think of yourself as a successful person or a victim or the circumstances? Ask a prosperous entrepreneur the same two questions.

He would probably tell you that he was not born successful, but he had to learn how to recognize opportunities and become a prosperous entrepreneur along the way; because he believes there are plenty of opportunities in life and you just need to be able to identify them. My question is, are you willing to learn how to create your opportunities or do you want to keep being a victim of life?

The bottom line of this article is that everyone is experiencing what they think reality is. There have to be a shift of consciousness from just reacting to the circumstances that life presents you, to create consciously your own opportunities.

Consider this for a second. You spend most of the time of the day thinking. On the other hand, all of us have the same 24 hours per day. So what makes the difference between people that are successful and people that aren’t?

The answer is that we act according to our interpretation of reality and circumstances. Who is the one interpreting reality? The ego or compulsive thinking. That is also the one that we cannot control anymore. That’s why most people tend to be in the victim stage of consciousness, because they are possessed by the compulsive thinking.

Besides meditation and some other techniques that I suggest here to learn how to overcome negative thinking and emotions, I just wanted to point out that in the end of the day what makes the difference is how we use our thoughts.

So why don’t take control of your thoughts and create the opportunities you really want to experience. Remember, you have always been creating what you experience, probably without being conscious of it. You just need to understand that what you think of yourself now is what you are going to get in the future.

So why don’t you try to change your thoughts from the negativity and victim stage to the creative and successful one. Besides feeling and reacting better to life, you will see how life starts to orchestrate events to get you on the right path towards your goals.

How to be more creative

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creativity, positive, inspirationCreativity should be our natural state of being. Creativity is how we express ourselves. However, It is important to understand that nobody can make us “creative.”

Each person on this planet is unique. Each one of us has unique features such as our face, body, language and expressions, likes and dislikes, etc.. Therefore, each one of us sees the world differently.

From that point of view, there is space for every person on this planet. There is no need for comparison, because even if we wanted, we cannot have other’s person thoughts or ideas.

So, what makes a person more creative then? Well, the question is not why a person is more creative, but what is stopping you from being creative?

Fear of failure, criticism or comparison with others, are among the main causes of creative block. The more you are identified with the ego and its fears, the more difficult will be for you to connect with creativity.

Mastery of any discipline means that it has become second nature; therefore, there is no thought process involved anymore. All that remains is you as a witness. There are no more fear or doubts. You feel so connected to your intuition and inspiration, that there is no room for negativity or any other fear-based thought or emotion.

I have discussed the importance of developing awareness of emotions and some other techniques in this site in order to reconnect again with our inner self.  I highly recommend reading and practicing the five articles in the Start here section. However, I am also going to mention more steps to follow that can help you to reduce the effect of negative thinking; therefore, creativity will increase naturally as you practice and develop more awareness.

1 Don’t blame yourself or your thoughts, don’t reject them either. All you have to do is to accept them. Remember, what you accept you go beyond; if you fight it, you will get stuck with it.

2 Trust in you, in your knowledge and preferences. You have a unique view of the world, so focus in what you see and feel rather than what others should do.

3 Remember that mistakes are part of the process of learning. Everybody has made mistakes. Actually, that is the only way to know exactly what you don’t want! After all, if you are not making mistakes, it means you are not really trying.

4 I find very important to have a source of inspiration. Always pay attention to the masters of the discipline you are working in. As they have transcended their ego in what they do, their work will be the result of the purest connection with their inner self. Definitely, you will find that after spending some time enjoying and appreciating their work (note that I didn’t say analyzing or using the mind), inspiration will come to you almost effortlessly…

All fear-based emotions and thoughts about lack of creativity, can be highly reduced by meditating and going to the root of them, which is to say, fear of failure, criticism and comparison with others.

Life is a personal experience, so no matter what your thoughts are; what the masters have achieved is because of their persistence and confidence in their creative process. Use this information to get inspiration and not to compare yourself with them.

We don’t need to know

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Sometimes we encounter situations in life that we wish we knew the answer. It can be frustrating and can lead to more problems and negative reactions. The truth is that we don’t need to know what to do. It is completely ok to don’t know the answer or the solution to a problem.

In this case, we need to accept that we already don’t know what to do. If we do it, sooner than later the right solution will come to us naturally, almost effortlessly. On the other hand, if we get worry about not knowing the answer, then we will get stuck with it, trapped in a negative circle of worry, stress and fear of failure.

We have to accept that we are not the solution makers, but the solution allowers.

Life manifests itself through us. We don’t created life; we don’t have even control about what is happening in the world we inhabit. All we can do is to accept life as it is and react to its circumstances. All events that happen in our life have only one purpose: to test our reaction to them.

We have to be humble enough to accept that we don’t even know when and how we are going to die. All these facts should be sufficient to understand that we are not the rulers, as society and most people like to think.

Think of life as a “computer game,” where our only role is to react and make decisions to the different situations that the “game” is presenting us. It is always our choice to react and act positively or negatively.

We just have to accept life as it is, that is to say, to accept each second of life consciously and not get stuck in denying this moment because “I was expecting something different to happen.”

Sometimes you are not going to have the solution to a given problem or situation, then what you have to do is to accept it. Acceptance will liberate you from unnecessary stress and will keep you relaxed to be able to receive the solution when the most appropriate time has arrived.

Accepting the now

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Acceptance brings liberation. However, it is a very difficult concept to assimilate. Normally, we fight against life. We fight for better opportunities, for money or love.

There are so many things in life that we cannot control. As the ego doesn’t like this idea; then it convinces us to go against the flow of life, in a desperate attempt of having control of everything. Life can be better understood as a cycle of positive and negative circumstances. All our experiences are based on them. Nature’s seasons, day and night, life and death, are all examples of life’s cycles.

We live our lives denying what is happening in the present moment. The future brings the promise of happiness and fulfillment. The problem is that they never arrive. There is always something else that has to be done or achieved before “we can be totally happy.”

Acceptance comes from the understanding that positive and negative experiences are totally necessary for our own personal growth. If you are attached only to positive experiences, then you won’t be able to see the good in the less positive ones.

Life has its own cycle, so whether you accept it or not, you are always going to have positive and negative experiences. So accepting life as this set of experiences allows you to see the good and the opportunities in each circumstance you experience in life.

When you accept the present moment as it is, you are liberating yourself from any excuse to be unhappy. You are going beyond your mind. You are not depending anymore of external circumstances to make you happy. You are beginning to understand that bliss and fulfillment comes from within.

Nothing from the external world can bring you anything of spiritual value; and as you don’t depend on it anymore, you will soon realize that your wishes will unfold unexpectedly faster than you thought as you are not opposing resistance anymore.

Life is personal

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From the moment you were born, you have been experiencing life alone. You have been given a name and an identification number which only responds to you.

You are the responsible for your own acts. If you break the law, nobody else can be responsible of your actions. Life is what you perceive of it or put another way, how you interpret its circumstances. If you are happy, then life is bliss. If you are negative person, then life becomes a problem.

Money, relationships, food and health are believed to be the most valued things in our society. However people in general face the same challenges; what makes the difference is how they react to them.

If you do not believe in yourself, or if you do not love yourself enough, you cannot expect anybody else to love you or make you happy.

People are searching for everything they want outside themselves, as if it was hidden, and they were going to find it.

Life is not about following other’s rules. It is all about finding your true self, then act from your intuition. You cannot follow other people’s rules, because it certainly may work to them according to their personal situation, but each situation is different and has its own characteristics.

In nature, water always finds their way. It is not worried about changing direction every time it finds an obstacle. It just flows. If we accept life as a set of experiences, some of them good and some of them bad, then you understand that those experiences are there to teach us.

Actually, life is not good or bad. Life’s circumstances are a mix between positive and negative experiences. It has been designed this way for our own good. After all, if god was going to give us everything we wanted, then life did not have a purpose.

As I said before, everybody is exposed to the same problems, but what determines if we have learnt the lesson is our attitude and reaction to them. Remember, no matter what your situation is, life is not about its circumstances but how you react to them.